Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quick Thoughts

A couple of quick things currently on my mind...

1. The Georgia baseball team swept Tennessee over the weekend and managed to hang on to #1 in 3 of the 4 major polls. Now into its second week, their reign at 1 is now one week longer than Georgia Football's stay at #1 this past fall.

2. We are offering over $2 million a year to try and get Anderson from Missouri to coach the basketball team. Is it just me, or is that sound more like football money than basketball money?

3. Jeremy Longo has been added to the list of injured, meaning we will only have 2 scholarship D-ends for G-Day. Guess we will be seeing a lot of plays made by the likes of Andrew Gully.

4. Texas Tech coach Mike Leach made a player sit on the football field in the snow after practice and study. The Pirate from Lubbock is crazy, but awesome!

5. The 49ers don't want to take Matt Stafford because they think he still has issues with his parents divorce. If anything, the playing field is a good place for him to take out his aggression concerning those issues. As a child of divorce myself, I do not see why this would be an issue.

6. The Braves re-signed Chipper Jones until he is 41, meaning he will most likely retire as a Brave. Thank god they handled this correctly and did not let this turn into another Smoltz situation.

I'll be back later this week with the next entry in the series, Bringing Back Traditions.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the infusion of money through the television contracts between CBS and ESPN, more coaches will be making this kind of money. With what Anderson has done, and the excitement he has built for himself, 2 million is about right. Calipari is pull a slick Nick move and forcing salaries to go up all around.

Walter Sobchak said...

Streit as usual I think you are nuts. I need uga b-ball not to suck, so let's go ahead and pay someone to come in and give me something worth watching. If we ever want UGA basketball to be taken seriously we need to step up and pay to play. And by the way, if UGA ever does get a foothold in BBall, they will be formidable dynasty because of the natural advantages (recruiting base and alumni wealth). Also, i think the masterplan is get big name coach to sell tickets and make team competitve, then build new stadium. Mostly though, we need something to hold me over from Football to Spring Football. On a positive note, Eric, you did spell everything correctly this time.