Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Streit's 5 Favorite Sports Commercials of All-Time

The other day ESPN Classic reran a show from late in 2008 about the best commercials they made for the "This is SportsCenter" advertising campaign. It got me thinking about some of my favorite sports related commercials. Here are five of my favorites:

#5 - This is SportsCenter: Betrayal

This is my personal favorite of the "This is SportsCenter" ads. I love how the Green Monster drops everything and just walks away.

#4 - Griffey for President: Vote for Griffey, Vote for Pepper

Nike's 1996 Griffey for President was awesome. I remember getting a free poster when I bought a pair of cleats. If you grew up playing baseball, you know how much fun playing pepper can be.

#3 - Terry Tate: Office Linebacker

This was hilarious when it debuted during the 2003 Super Bowl. It is even more funny to me know that I have worked in an office for the last few years. "BREAK WAS OVER 15 MINUTES AGO, BITCH!!!"

#2 - Nike: Leave Nothing

Some awesome football footage combined with some kick ass music from "The Last of the Mohicans." This commercial is amazing and Nike followed it up in 2008 with "Fate" video, featuring Ladanian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu.

#1 - Nike: Chicks Dig the Long Ball

I remembered this commercial from when I was a kid because I was a huge Braves fan but never realized how funny it was until one day in college. Bubba was in my room and downloaded the video on my computer and we probably watched it five times in a row. Maddux is one of the most awkward guys on camera I have ever seen. My favorite lines are Maddux calling Glavine "Alice" and the reaction after Heather Locklear asks them if they have seen Mark (McGwire).

These are a just a few of the great ads that are out there. Leave some of your favorites in the comments.


Ally said...

The Terry Tate commercial is my favorite super bowl commercial of all time! Great choices.

Ally said...

Just a thought. Wonder if we can get Terry to do a clinic this offseason & teach Reshad Jones, CJ Byrd, Bryan Evans, & John Knox how to tackle like that?

Lucid Idiocy said...

Had you not included Terry Tate, I never would have read this blog again.

Muckbeast said...

The Terry Tate commercial is not just one of the best sports commercials of all time, but the best commercial of all time.

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Earl said...

Thank God there's so much love for the Terry Tate commercials, my absolute favorites!