Thursday, February 12, 2009

Georgia Bulldogs in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft

Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay of ESPN predict that Matthew Stafford will be the first overall selection in April's 2009 NFL Draft. If Stafford ends up going first overall to the Detroit Lions, he will become the first Georgia player to be selected first overall since 1953. Here is a look at the three Georgia Bulldogs who have been taken #1 overall in the past:

1943 - Frank Sinkwich - Detroit Lions
After winning the Heisman as the nation's best collegiate player in 1942, the Detroit Lions took Sinkwich with the first pick of the 1943 NFL draft. He would have a short, but productive career winning the NFL MVP award in 1944. He would injure his knee serving in the Air Force in 1945 and that ended his playing career.

1945 - Charlie Trippi - Chicago Cardinals
#62 was two-time All American, leading the Bulldogs to a Rose Bowl victory in 1943 and winning the Maxwell Award in 1946. Trippi was drafted first overall in 1945, when he had left the University of Georgia to serve in World War II. Trippi returned to Georgia before joining the Cardinals in the 1947 season. He helped lead them to the NFL Championship, as they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles. Trippi's career would last until 1955, during which time he played running back and quarterback and also acted as the team's punter and kick returner.

1953 - Harry Babcock - New York Giants
Harry Babcock was an offensive end for the Georgia Bulldogs from 1951-1953. He was selected by the New York Giants as wide receiver, where he would play for the next three seasons. His career stats include 16 receptions for 181 yards.

Through out the years, Georgia has had 22 players selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. With Stafford and Knowshon Moreno both expected to go in the first round this year, the list of Georgia players in the NFL continues to grow. Here is the complete list off all Georgia players taken in the first round.

1943 – 1st – Frank Sinkwich – Detroit Lions - TB
1945 – 1st – Charlie Trippi – Chicago Cardinals -HB
1953 – 1st – Harry Babcock – San Francisco 49ers – OE
1969 – 11th – Bill Stanfill – Miami Dolphins – DE
1972 – 8th – Royce Smith – New Orleans Saints – G
1982 – 13th – Lindsay Scott – New Orleans Saints – WR
1989 – 7th – Tim Worley – Pittsburgh Steelers – RB
1990 – 22nd – Ben Smith – Philadelphia Eagles – DB
1990 – 24th – Rodney Hampton – New York Giants – RB
1993 – 3rd – Garrison Hearst – Phoenix Cardinals – RB
1994 – 14th – Bernard Williams – Philadelphia Eagles – OT
1998 – 18th – Robert Edwards – New England Patriots – RB
1999 – 7th – Champ Bailey – Washington Redskins – DB
1999 – 18th – Matt Stinchcomb – Oakland Raiders – OT
2001 – 6th – Richard Seymour – New England Patriots – DT
2001 – 13th – Marcus Stroud – Jacksonville Jaguars – DT
2002 – 25th – Charles Grant – New Orleans Saints – DE
2003 – 6th – Jonathan Sullivan – New Orleans Saints – DT
2003 – 20th – George Foster – Denver Broncos – OT
2004 – 32nd – Ben Watson – New England Patriots – TE
2005 – 14th – Thomas Davis – Carolina Panthers – DB
2005 – 17th – David Pollack – Cincinnati Bengals - LB



Anonymous said...

Dude, you got Hampton's draft year wrong. He was drafted in the April 1990 draft by the Giants. He was the leading rusher for their 1990-1991 Super Bowl team, but got hurt, so OJ Anderson took over.

Streit said...

My bad. I was looking at the website and then flipping over to type the story. Thanks for the catch, I will get it fixed.

w. bram said...

Hey Eric,

Congrats, you got linked by Chip Towers today.

Anonymous said...

Am I blind or is Sinkwich wearing a black jersey? I realize the photo is for a magazine, but I wonder if we really DID wear black a few times in the past.

Anonymous said...

Notice how much of an increase we have had in first round picks from 1998 to the present. It seems like half of our all-time first round picks have come from this twelve year time period. It's a compliment to the recruiting done by Garner, Donnan and Richt.

Also, why in the world would any DT turn down a scholarship from Rodney Garner? He has 3 DT's who have been first round picks.

Unknown said...

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