Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something to Pass the Time This Off Season

Football season is over, March Madness is yet to start, and baseball season is still a month away. How is the sports fanatics like me going to pass the time? The answer is ESPN's new game, Streak for the Cash.

We have often spoken about the things we dislike about ESPN, but this new game is not one of them. I was turned on to it by a couple of co-workers and it has become a common topic of discussion in the office. Here is how the game works:

- You create an entry with the goal of creating a winning streak of correctly picking between two possible outcomes of a sporting event.
- Each day, there is a list of events listed on the web site. You can only pick one at a time, so there are advantages to picking the random soccer game in Europe at 10:00 AM Eastern time so that you can pick a winner of the night's NBA game.
- The scenarios are presented in a number of different sports with a number of different types of outcomes. Some are straight up winners (pick the winner of Atlanta vs. New York in the NBA), players stats (who will score more points: LeBron James on Kobe Bryant), as well as over/under type numbers (will there be more than 3 goals scored in a hockey game).
- To win the contest, you must create a streak of 27 consecutive correct picks. The winner gets $1 million. This is second time ESPN has done this (the first time, you had to get to 25 to win). They also award monthly prizes of $2,500 for the person with most correct guesses overall.

The longest current streak on their scored board is 18. My current streak stands at 2 (I just started yesterday). Check it out!

ESPN Streak for the Cash

***UPDATE: I have created a BNE group. Search for "Bubba 'N Earl". The password is: godawgs

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