Friday, November 21, 2008


As I approach the second saturday this season that does not include a UGA football game, I find myself lost as to what I should do.

I've been to every single game this year. It's been a brutal schedule, but absolutely some of the most memorable trips of my life have taken place on the road this season. My resolve for going to every game has only been strengthened, but I have to admit there is some relief knowing I do not have any plans this weekend.

So, for the first time this season, I'll probably actually get to watch all of College Gameday, and I'll get to watch a plethora of games from noon to early morning.

Having the opportunity to know for sure that I will watch the entire Texas Tech/Okla game is pretty exciting. That sounds odd in so many ways, but when you're out on road trip adventures, sometimes you end up far from a TV (but never far from beer).

There's still the chance that I will wake up and drive to the closest college football game just to satisfy this itch.

Or, maybe I'll just sit here on my couch for 14 hours.

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