Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 5: Impressions and Ramblings

Ouch. That hurt.

Week 5 of the college football season has passed. Here are my thoughts:

Georgia - Alabama
- The tailgating was awesome, the fans were fired up, and the field looked great. And then the game happened. The worst half of football I have ever seen in my life unfolded before my eyes. Penalties, a fumble, a shanked punt, a non-exist rushing attack (how do we only run the ball 9 times - didn't we learn anything from Clemson???), constant pressure on the quarterback, the list goes on and on.

- To their credit, Bama is good. Real good. they were dominant on the lines of scrimmage, Wilson did exactly what he needed to do, they didn't make penalties or turnovers, and looked like a top 5 team.

- For all the things that looked right coming into the season, injuries have seem taken the biggest toll on the Dawgs. After Sturdivant and Owens, it now looks like we are going to be without Ellerbe and Durham for a few games. Stafford suffered a head injury and Knowshon hurt his elbow as well, but thankfully they will be alright.

- The bye week couldn't come at a better time. We've got to lick our wounds and get ready for Tennessee, who played a close game with Auburn this weekend. We're 4 -1, there's a long season ahead of us. Let's put this one in the rear view and move on.

Florida Upset by Ole Miss
- I've said it before and I'll say it again, when you're only running threat is your quarterback, eventually it will bite you. Down 1 at the Ole Miss 31 on a 4th and 1, Meyer sends Tebow back on the field. The entire Ole Miss team knew what was going to follow and they stacked Tebow up. The loss by the Gators, coupled with the Georgia loss, leaves Vanderbilt alone atop the SEC East standings. My god, Vandy is in first place...alone.

Wake loses to Navy
- If they couldn't stop Paul Johnson's old team, I wonder what will happen when they play his new one with better athletes. I really liked how Wake was playing this year and this one really surprised me.

Shake Up in the Top 5
- When the polls come out later, here's how I expect they will shake out:
1. Oklahoma - No questions. They should be #1 after thumping TCU.
2. LSU - Solid win over Mississippi State. They've got some big tests coming up.
3. Alabama - They can claim two wins vs. top ten teams and they were solid.
4. Missouri - The stats are impressive.
5. Texas - Colt McCoy has regained the magic he had as a freshman.

Final Thought
- This will be the last mention I make of the Alabama game. In the end, this is the one game on our SEC schedule we could afford to lose. If we take care of business in the East, we will be in the SEC championship. There is a lot football left to be played. Dawgs, get some rest, get healthy, and get ready to take it to UT in two weeks.



Ally said...

The Clemson thing is what really stands out in my mind. Di you watch or come down to Myers to see GameDay? If so, then you heard Desmond Howard & Chris Fowler talking about how they interviewed Richt and reminded him of what Clemson did against Bama. Richt's response was, and I quote: "We're not Clemson."

Well, I sure as hell feel like it this morning. And when yu think about it, CMR is right - we're not Clemson. They managed to score in the first half on the road. We couldn't even accomplish that much at home.

Never thought I would ever see similarities between my Dawgs and Clemsux.

Streit said...

I did walk down there for the start, but we couldn't hear or see anything because of the large crowd. I'm just disappointed in the fact that we seemed to panic so early and totally forget our All American tailback. Clemson lost again, to Maryland, and as bad as we looked in the first half last night, we would not lose to Maryland right now. I was proud of our fans, most of whom were still there when we turned it over on downs with the score 34-17 with about 6 minutes left. I think it says a lot about the program and how much we've changed since booing MoMass when he dropped passes back in '06. I walked past about 20 recruits who were there, and while they looked disappointed, they still seemed to be enjoying themselves. We've got a long road ahead, so no point in crying over it now.