Thursday, June 27, 2019

Transfers - Let's Make This Real Easy

The Transfer Portal has been fun to watch, but let's be honest.  It is dumb.  The entire transfer process as it currently exists is dumb.  Why do Justin Fields and Tate Martell get waivers but Luke Ford doesn't?  People will try to explain some complicated reasons, but at the end of the day, whether a person can play immediately or sit out should not be a question.  Here's my idea to fix this stupid process, once and for all.

All college athletes on scholarship should have the ability to transfer and not sit out provided they meet a few simple qualifications

Those qualifications are:

  1. You have never transferred before. - Everyone get's one freebie.  If you have already transferred at any point, then you have to sit out a year.  No exceptions.
  2. You were not kicked out or did not flunk out of your previous school. - Basically, you have to be in good standing with your previous school.  When a school decides to remove an athlete from the team, they got a simple portal (haha) and register that the athlete is no longer part of their program for a disciplinary or academic reason.  Any student athlete who is registered as leaving their previous school on bad terms will be required to sit out one season at their new school.
That's it.  Plain and simple.  No special waivers, graduated players switching to majors their school doesn't have, no lawyers, no sick family members or distance requirements.  Just meet these rules.  And these rules should only apply to athletes on scholarship (at least in sports like football where they get full scholarships).  If you are a walk-on, you should be able to transfer at any time without penalty.

So what do you think?  I am just being stupid or should the answer be something this simple.

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