Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hate Week 2012: Payback

The year was 2002.  In its second season under Mark Richt, the Georgia Bulldogs were undefeated heading into the showdown with Florida in Jacksonville.  The Dawgs had a strong defense led by Sean Jones and Boss Bailey and a rising star named David Pollack.  The offense was playing well too, with a finally healthy Musa Smith and sophomore quarterback David Greene coming into his own.  Georgia was ready to not only win the SEC but compete for a National Championship. 

Jump to today.  Florida is in its second season under Will Muschamp and are undefeated.  They have a strong defense led by veterans Omar Hunter and Matt Elam.  This offense is playing well, with senior running back Mike Gillislee carrying the load and Jeff Driskel quickly improving.  They are ranked near the top of the BCS standings and looking to reassert themselves on the national stage.  Sound familiar?

In 2002, the Gators decided to ruin the party for the Dawgs.  Make no mistake, the Gators were not playing their best football entering the contest.  As a matter of fact, they were still ranked, but at 5-3 they had already suffered a loss to an Ole Miss team that would finish the year at 6-6.  They had also been embarrassed by LSU two weeks earlier, losing 36-7 in Baton Rouge (doesn't this also sound familiar to Georgia losing 35-7 at South Carolina).  Despite this, the Gators walked into the stadium in Jacksonville and ruined Georgia's perfect season.

I think it is time to repay the favor.

Is Georgia playing good?  Hell no.  The loss at South Carolina was embarrassing and the defense looked pathetic in the close win at Kentucky.  But does that mean that there is not talent on the team? No. 

Make no mistake Georgia fans, it may look bleak.  But if you can't look at the big picture and see that a win could mean that all those goals from the beginning of the season will be back on the table, then you are just blinded with hate for the coaching staff.  A win Saturday means we will most likely return to Atlanta.  Would we be able to hang with Alabama, I have no clue.  But you can't find out if you don't even make it in the first place.  It's time rally around the team and get a little revenge for 2002.

And by the way, as Georgia we hate Florida.  That should be motivation enough.



Anonymous said...

Blinded with Hate??? Whjat are you talking about? I support this team, I think th players are fully capable of providing some payback but let's be realisitc shall we. UGA is 0-11 vs. ranked opponents. I say that streak ends Saturday. But to say that one is blinded with hate for the coaches is frankly "blind". Florida is being coached to be a better team than they have been. Richt is a great coach but if he cannot see the forest for the trees with Bobo and if Grantham doesn't get his head right, you cannot expect things to progress. End of the day, support this team, these players even the coaches but let's be realistic about the coaches and one's vision.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Well then.... You can be snow blinded, booty blinded. You can be blinded by hate. You can be blinded by the light. 0-11 vs. ranked opponents smacks of light blindness. You've been blinded by the light.

Anonymous said...

Bobo. Jeebus, Bobo is the only Coordinator pulling his weight this year.

BFR said...

I hate Florida.

Seth said...

I hate Florida.