Thursday, April 12, 2012

So Crow

If you are on Twitter, you don't mind swearing, and you appreciate a good laugh, you need to follow the fake Isaiah Crowell twitter account. It is awesome. They have even made a hype video! (WARNING: This is not SFW)

You may find it offensive, degrading, or whatever...but it sure is funny. Christian Robinson even posted a picture of the real Isaiah Crowell the tweets and laughing about it.

Fake Crowell


Anonymous said...

Its racist, I guess it's ok because its funny. Ask yourself how would you feel if this was your kid.

Streit said...

Ya know, I might take it that way, except for the fact that tons of players on the team (even Crowell himself) have been laughing about it on Twitter. If the kid himself thinks its funny, then there is now reason not to laugh.

Anonymous said...

Crowell doesn't have a twitter and his parents don't think it's funny? Other people think it's funny because they are not being made fun of.

Streit said...!/crob45/status/184377235199893504/photo/1

Crowell obviously knows about it. Christian Robinson retweets from it. Clearly, it isn't making them mad.

Streit said...

From Seth Emerson:

Isaiah Crowell laughed when I asked about the fake Isaiah Crowell Twitter account: "I see it. I think it's funny."!/SethEmerson/status/191280878356398080

Amanda said...

The crows in the intro are a real nice touch. Amanda Vanderpool CEO