Friday, February 24, 2012

Ten Things I'm Thinking

1. Ray Drew moving back to DE is a great decision. It's Garrison Smith's job for now, buck look out for the Pastor of Disaster.

2. Adding JUCOs in the secondary is a good idea, but if Chris Sanders does get his stuff together, I'd rather bring him back.

3. Every recruit is going to Alabama. Just accept it. They offer everyone, they get tons of commits, and people still keep picking them.

4. I would love to see Orson Charles continue to wear red and black this fall. If he is available to the Falcons in the 2nd, they should take him no doubt. Tony Gonzalez is awesome, but he is done after this year.

5. Well, the NCAA has officially taken the fun out of kickoffs. Touchback city, here we come. This also officially eliminates the possibility of another DB or WR from ever winning the Heisman since the only way they could in the past was if they also returned kicks.

6. The Georgia basketball team is horrible. You don't lose to LSU, Auburn, and South Carolina in the same season. That's like losing to Vandy, Kentucky, and Miss. State in football.

7. The QB competitions are always fun to watch, but the Crowell vs. Marshall battle could be one of the best position battles ever. Two #1 overall backs in the country competing for a starting position as underclassmen. That's insane.

8. Get the contract extensions done!

9. When are we going to offer Mario Alford? We need depth for this fall.

10. 7 Weeks until G Day!

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