Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well, that sucked

It was a great season with a horrible beginning and a tough ending. But those 10 games in the middle were great. We should have won yesterday.

Too bad our former All-American kicker lost his head this year. The O-line was horrible and Murray looked off. Crowell got hurt, John Jenkins go hurt, and Mike Gillard and Deangelo Tyson didn't play. And we still should have won.

Let's also give credit to Michigan State. They were a veteran team with a senior quarterback who made plays in the end. They were a very good football team. But we still should have won.

But we didn't. That's football. The team is heading in the right direction. From 6-7 to 10-4 is pretty impressive. The 4 teams we lost to this year have a combined 5 losses (and can finish with no more than 6).

It was a sucky way to end the season, but it was a lot of fun getting there.


Debby said...

I agree and so glad that you wrote without tearing apart the team.

S.E. Dawg said...

Yeah, I agree Debby. Everybody's ripping them from the players to the coaches.

West Coast DAWG said...

I am astounded with comments here and many other places talking about the ten victories.

We didn't beat ANY team ranked higher than we were at the time we played them.

The teams we beat didn't beat anybody.

We almost lost to Vandy.
Richt is a lousy coach and Bobo is way out of his league.

Uncle Dawg said...

I've sent a copy of the DVD beloow to Coach Richt. Maybe if enough loyal Dawg fans send him a copy, he will get the message.


Uncle Dawg said...

UGA vs ranked teams from 2008-2011

L vs. #6 Alabama
L vs. #1 Florida
L vs. #22 Georgia Tech
W vs. #24 Michigan State

L vs. #17 LSU
L vs. #3 Florida
W @ #13 Georgia Tech

L @ #22 South Carolina
L vs. #12 Arkansas
L @ #15 MS State
L @ #1 Auburn
L vs. #21 UCF

L vs. #8 Boise State
L vs. #10 South Carolina
W vs. #24 Auburn
L vs. #1 LSU
L vs. #12 Michigan State

I'm sure everyone can do the math.

Sports Dawg said...

We hope it's a series of progression. This year we got back to beating the teams we're supposed to beat. Hopefully next year we'll begin to defeat good teams. That being said, the Outback Bowl was definitely not a step forward. Now we have to have another great recruiting class.

Anonymous said...

West Coast DAWG nailed it on the head, Bobo is so overmatched its sad and frustrating to watch. As I have posted numerous times, Bobo has go to go.