Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Final Thoughts on the SEC Championship

Doesn't Saturday already feel like a long time ago? About 72 hours ago, Georgia had built a 10-0 lead on #1 LSU and it looked like the Dawgs might pull the upset. But it wasn't meant to be. Here are my final thoughts on the game:

  • The defense was amazing. Allowing 0 first downs in a half is an amazing feat, especially against a highly ranked SEC opponent. Despite LSU scoring 35 second half points, the defense still played fairly well. LSU only had two real scoring drives the entire game. Their other points came off a punt return, a fumble inside Georgia's 30, another punt return into the red zone, and a pick 6. Sounds a lot like the South Carolina game, doesn't it?
  • Bobo called a perfect first quarter and then fell asleep.
  • Against a team like LSU, you cannot leave points on the board. And that is what Georgia did. Instead of a touchdown to TK on the first drive, we settled for 3. Instead of touchdown to Malcolm Mitchell (on a perfect throw by Aaron Murray) , Walsh missed another field goal. It should have been 21-0 and the outcome would have been much different.
  • After the first quarter, the LSU defense was amazing. From pass coverage, to QB pressure, to stuffing the run. They are just so deep.
  • As good as Brad Wing kicked for LSU, Butler was doing better. too bad our coverage unit started missing tackles.
  • Damn the Honey Badger.
  • Malcome should have started and gotten most of the carries. Crowell was hurt and looked like it (or he wasn't ready, either way). See my previous post for opinion on Crowell.
  • Aaron Murray had a bad game statistically, but 7 dropped passes will do that. In the second half, LSU was in the backfield on every snap and Aaron was just trying to make plays. I can't really put the poor performance on him.
  • The Dome was electric and then Mathieu returned the punt. It was a kick to the stomach and Georgia never recovered.
All in all, despite the loss it was a great experience. It has been a marvelous season that will conclude with a great bowl trip to Tampa.

It sure is great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

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Anonymous said...

Different Anonymous than the guy from yesterday regarding the boos in the SEC Champ game - which were heard on the TV all the way up here in Chitown and are absolutely unnecessary.

There's another bulldog blog that discusses the "Bobo" situation. I have to agree with its assessment which in short states, Bobo is wholly unqualified. Richt made a great decision with the D in the past 2 years. Now its time to cut bait and push Bobo back down to just being a QB Coach or the better solution, cutting him altogether. Face facts folks he sucks. He may have his moments (and who knows who is really calling those plays) but he cannot hack it against the play calling talents found on the LSU and Bama lines. Next years schedule will not be nearly as lenient. Chance favors the prepared - time to prepare and let Bobo go.