Sunday, November 13, 2011


That is the only way I can describe Georgia's 45-7 domination of the Auburn Tigers in Sanford Stadium on Saturday. Call it a blowout, call it payback, call it whatever you want. The Georgia Bulldogs stood up on Saturday night and let the entire country know that we are back and a force to be reckoned with. There were no real bad spots in this game except for a Drew Butler shank and two harmless fumbles by Crowell. Here are my observations on the game:

  • The offensive line absolutely gashed Auburn's defensive front. In the second half, Thomas and Crowell had holes so big they could have driven an F150 through them. Great game on the ground for the Dawgs and we even saw Ken Malcome get a few carries.

  • Mean, nasty, relentless. This is Todd Grantham's defense. Sign him to an extension, now.

  • Jarvis Jones has only gotten that much better since the return of Alec Ogletree. Jones may win the SEC defensive player of the year and both will be All-SEC and potential All-Americans next year.

  • John Jenkins has really started to play well. He has taken that starting spot away from Geathers and I don't expect him to let go. Motel 6 was every where on Saturday.

  • Aaron Murray is playing lights out right now. Whatever he has found between the Florida game and now, it has transformed him. The most impressive thing that Murray and Bobo did all night was take advantage of the back shoulder throw. Murray could not make that throw last season, but he sure can now.

  • The Georgia receiving corp is sick and the top 6 guys will all be back next season. As scary as the defense has become, the offense is quickly catching up.

  • When Bacarri Rambo took that pick 6 back, that was the loudest I have heard Sanford Stadium in years. The crowd was on fire and I loved it. And it also prompted this:

  • I was very proud to see Crowell come out and have a good second half. After the fumble in the first half, he came up limping after a ten yard carry. Thomas got a lot of carries after that, but then Crowell came back in. And looked every bit the 5 star player he is. I think his eyes are opened and he is ready become the star we need.

  • My last point is one that I am very proud to say I forsaw even if few people did. Back during the recruiting season, many people lamented the offering of a scholarship to Quitavious Harrow. I wrote this. The hit Harrow put on the Auburn kickoff return was impressive and it fired up a kick off team that had struggled over the last month. I could watch this play over and over again, all day long.

When Vegas set the line at 13 points, I thought they were out of their minds. But they must have known something the rest of us didn't. Georgia beat Auburn as soundly as we have beaten a rival since the 2002 Georgia Tech game. And now, the Dawgs are poised to earna spot in the SEC Championship for the first time since 2005. Kentucky comes to Athens on Saturday, and the Dawgs need to keep their focus on that game. Kentucky is not a good football team and hopefully the Dawgs close out the SEC schedule with a resounding victory. The Vegas line has been set at 29.5, but I think it will be safe to take the Dawgs this week.



Anonymous said...

I thought Georgia would win, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be by that margin or that dominating. Witnessing that game live was an early Christmas present. And it was better than the blackout game, hands down. In fact, I haven't seen UGA play that complete a game against top 25 competition in years. Maybe not since the LSU game when Greene & Pollack were still Dawgs. And that hit by Harrow isn't something we've seen since Blue & Davis. Outstanding!

I'm one of the minority that actually cheered when Grantham ripped Franklin a well-deserved new one. And I wasn't bothered an ounce when we made the throat gesture at Florida. It's about time we had someone roam the sidelines with a killer instinct. I've missed that desperately since BVG left. God help us if he ever leaves. D-Coordinators like him are few & far between. GATA Dawgs!

And you'll be happy to know Streit, that in exchange for all of my Roll Tide cheers this season my hubby Jeff was happily yelling for the Dawgs in Sanford yesterday ;)

It was a perfect day to be in Athens. Go Dawgs!!!

Sports Dawg said...

Great post. We've got everybody's attention now, & who we have or have not played this year will be the last thing on the minds of our next FOUR opponents.