Friday, November 25, 2011

QuickTech Preview

The Dawgs take on Tech tomorrow for state bragging rights. Georgia has won 9 games in a row and has bigger fish to fry with the SEC Championship next week, while Tech has had a nice season at 8-3, but for every good win (defeating top 5 Clemson) they have a stupid loss (against Virginia). Georgia's defense is awesome, especially against the run. Tech's option attack is a well-oiled machine in year 4 under Paul Johnson.

Here's what I think will happen. The Dawgs will be able to move the ball effectively on Tech. Who ever runs the ball will have big holes like we saw when Georgia played Auburn. Success in the run will lead to success in the passing game. Georgia Tech, on the other hand, will also be able to move the ball. Their offense is very tricky and despite superior athletes on the Georgia side, Tech will break off a few big plays like they do every game. The difference will be Georgia keeping Tech out of the end zone. While Tech will move the ball, I think the Georgia D will step up on their own side. The key for the Dawgs is to get an early lead. If they can build it to 2 touchdowns in the third quarter, Tech will be in trouble. The Dawgs win a the game that will be a lot closer than the score will indicate.

Georgia 34, Georgia Tech 23

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