Thursday, November 10, 2011

Never Forget

Fairley and Scam may be gone and Auburn is just a middle of the road school, but never forget the cheap shots and lack of class they showed last fall. Auburn deserves no respect from me, at least this year. I watched the Iron Bowl documentary from ESPN last night, and I wanted to punch Fairley and Scam in the face. Auburn will keep their National Championship, but they didn't do it the right way. I am no Alabama fan, but watching them win the 2009 Championship was much more fun to watch than Auburn last year.

After this season, it may go back to a friendly rivalry with the boys from the Plains. But for this year, it's pay back time.



Anonymous said...

And advocating payback as thuggery is dangerous and can get Crowell and others thrown out of the game. Some candor should be taken in site-supported statements. That's different from empty threats from ahole bloggers who hide behind annonymity like me. Caution should be made to the team to avoid yellow flags and ejection in this game if you truly want revenge.

Streit said...

Did I advocate any kind of dirty play? No. I was simply stating the fact that we need not forget what happened last year and use that as motivation this year. The ultimate form of payback in sports is to beat your opponent. That's all I was saying.