Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Unshocking News of the Day: Ken Malcome Comes Back

Ken Malcome has decided to rethink his decision to transfer and has returned to the Georgia football team. When the news broke yesterday, I did not write anything because I honestly felt he would be back. He is a redshirt freshman who is currently stuck on the bench behind a true freshman, a converted linebacker, and two guys shorted than Prince Miller was. I can't blame him for being disappointed.

But I had a feeling he would change his mind. I am sure he got calls from his teammates and parents and asked him to really think about what he was doing. Yes, he may be back on the depth chart now, but Samuel and Thomas are juniors who will be gone after next season. Crowell will be the feature back, but even when we had Knowshon, Thomas Brown and Caleb King got a good number of carries.

Can I honestly say I expect Malcome to complete his remain eligibility at Georgia? Right now, the answer is no. But he will be with the team at least the remainder of this season.

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Anonymous said...

Boo has brought on a lot of the criticism by the way he's handled himself. If you've ever read his tweets you know what i mean.

On the other hand, boy am i thankful that my every move & mistakes as a 20 yr old weren't captured & discussed by 100+K fans and the media.

Really hope he gets it together, stays off twitter, and starts working his ass off.