Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Things I Want to See this Saturday

  1. A win, plain and simple. Shouldn't be that hard against a 1-AA school, but tell that to Ole Miss.
  2. 25 touches for Isaiah Crowell. He may not get them if we are playing well, but it is just fun to watch him with the ball.
  3. No interceptions from Aaron Murray. He has two in the first two games and both were costly, especially the one against South Carolina. Hopefully, we get to see Hutson Mason get some playing time as well.
  4. At least one defensive touchdown. The Dawgs have created three turnovers this year, but they have amounted to a grand total of 3 points.
  5. Brandon Boykin playing well...on defense. He did have a pick last week and we have seen him play great on offense and special teams. I would love to see our senior leader make a big hit or get another interception.
  6. Blair Walsh making all of his field goal and PAT attempts. This is a guy who was a Groza Award finalist, he can't be missing 33 yarders.
  7. Sacks from Jarvis Jones and Cornelius Washington.
  8. Ray Drew making his Georgia debut. The shoulder injury set him back, but I think we need to get him in if he is going to be a part of the defensive game plan when we play Miss State.
  9. Marlon Brown and TK making catches. I thought they would step up this year, but clearly I have been wrong. Malcolm Mitchell has passed both of them in my opinion. I also want to see our tight ends (Charles and White) making plays in the passing game after being shutout last week.
  10. Continued improvement. Last week was like watching a completely different team than the one we saw in the Dome. It will be hard to judge the progress against Coastal Carolina, but if the Dawgs eliminate the mistakes and put away a cupcake like an SEC team should, then I will feel good.


RevThomas said...

Would love to see Hutson Mason and Christian Lemay. Need help desperately at QB. Also, at receiver - love to see lots of freshmen play there.

BuLLdawg said...

With you on that pastor. We need to do a far better job of preparing our back-up quarterbacks, which we just have not done at all. Being a QB here is absolutely no fun, if you are not the favorite. When you look at a play such as the 1 we lost the game as a direct result of, when our Starting QB was flung to the turf like a rag doll, it should be a wake-up call, that (1) Christian LeMay is no longer a luxury that we can sit on and Redshirt with all these games to play and (2) just 1 more loss by this team this season, is going to be 1 too many - that moral victories - are Losses and there may be no tomorrow for the coaching staff to save Christian LeMay for.

I am not suggesting that Hutson Mason not play; what I am saying straight up is that Aaron Murray has to be benched for this game. Put him in for a series or 2 and forget his stats against this cupcake and let's get our back-up Quarterbacks developed for once.

Just one time.

Good point, pastor.

Anonymous said...

No injuries and better OL play (no sacks).

Dawgfan17 said...

Your last point says it all, no mistakes. No missed interceptions, no dropped passes, no fumbles, not interceptions thrown, less than 5 flags(preferably none) little things like these can be hidden by the final score in a game like this but it is those things that add up against better teams.