Monday, June 6, 2011

The Countdown 2011: 89 Days to Go

My Top 10 Games of the Last 10 Years

The last ten years of Georgia football, aka the Mark Richt era, have seen some amazing on the field moments. Here are my ten personal favorites.

10. 2005 SEC Championsip - Georgia 34, LSU 13

The Dawgs "backed in" to the SEC Championship despite losing to both Florida and Auburn and most people did not give us a chance. But two long touchdowns to Sean Bailey from DJ Shockley were the beginning of the demolition of LSU.

9. 2008 - Georgia 27, Arizona State 10

The Dawgs had lost the pre-season #1 ranking but looked great on national television against the Sun Devils. AJ Green put his name on the national map and Knowshon Moreno leaped into the end zone. Just a fun game to watch.

8. 2011 - Georgia 31, Georgia Tech 17

Tech had beaten us the last few years. I was at the game in Bobby Dodd and Billy Bennett just kept making field goals. It got the Richt era off on the right foot against the gnats.

7. 2007 - Georgia 42, Florida 30

Everythig about this game was great. From dancing in the end zone to Tebow rolling around in pain.

6. 2002 SEC Championship - Georgia 30, Arkansas 3

Georgia won its first SEC Championship in 20 years in dominating fashion. Matt Jones and the Razorbacks never stood a chance.

5. 2007 - Georgia 45, Auburn 20

The original blackout. The most amazing college football crowd I have ever seen.

4. 2004 - Georgia 45, LSU 16

The Dawgs got revenge for the two losses to the Tigers in 2003. David Greene could not miss and we absolutely ran the Tigers out of Athens.

3. 2005 - Georgia 48, Boise State 13

People kept talking about little Boise coming to Athens and beating the Dawgs. No sir.

2. 2008 Sugar Bowl - Georgia 41, Hawaii 10

The Dawgs were the best team in the country. It is a damn shame we didn't get to play for the national title. The defense took out its frustrations on Colt Brennan.

1. 2004 - Georgia 31, Florida 24

I was a 5th year senior and we had never beaten the Gators. They had already fired Ron Zook and we had Leonard Pope. Florida tried to make it interesting, but we held on. I have never been back to Jacksonville since then.


j.leonardjr said...

Good list though I am surprised you left off 2001 Tennessee and 2002 at Auburn. Putting half a hundred on Tech in Athens was pretty sweet too.

Dawgfan17 said...

I believe you meant 2001 for the Tech game (#8). Great list I can remember ever game like it was yesterday.