Friday, April 15, 2011

What's on my mind: G-Day, NFL Draft Sleeper, Rules Changes

Tomorrow is G-Day! Usually, I get a sense of excitement from the Bulldogs nation about the annual spring contest. Despite the fact that game usually ends up pretty boring, people tend to be fired up. This year...not so much. The new format of having the teams picked seems cool but there just doesn't seem to be much buzz. Maybe it is the 6-7 season, maybe its the injuries, or something else.

I'll be in Athens for G-Day tomorrow and I plan to take pictures and have a complete write up next week. Guys I am looking for tomorrow: Christian Lemay, Ken Malcome, and Kwame Geathers.

SI released its "Welker List" today, a list of some sleeper draft picks that could become great NFL players. Kris Durham made the list and I fully agree that he may become a successful NFL player. He has good size, hands and speed and it was a major mistake that he did not get invited to the combine.

The NCAA released some rule changes today, most notably the "Dooley Rule" and the new rules regarding taunting. No one will make a big deal about the taunting rule until it costs a media darling like Florida or USC a game.

Enjoy G-Day tomorrow, Dawg fans. Its the last Georgia football we get for the next 20 weeks!

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