Friday, March 25, 2011

Top 10 Games involving SEC teams in 2011

The complete schedule for all 12 SEC schools for the 2011 football season was released this week. Here is a quick look at the top games this fall (thought this could all change throughout the season).

#10 - Alabama at Auburn - November 26

Auburn is lucky that the Iron Bowl takes place at the end of their schedule. Alabama will be looking to get revenge for the 28-27 loss last season. Auburn lost so much talent from last year's team, but by the end of the 2011 season, the new players should be comfortable and ready to welcome the Tide to the Plains.

#9 - Tennessee at Alabama - October 22

Last time they played in Tuscaloosa, Mount Cody saved the day for the Tide. Can Derek Dooley finally get things turned around in Knoxville?

#8 - BYU st Ole Miss - September 3

I know Ole Miss is horrible, but it will be interesting to see what happens to BYU students who come to the Grove. Does the BYU administration kick them out for just being there?

#7 - Mississippi State at Auburn - September 10

Upstart MSU almost beat eventual national champion Auburn last fall. After a 9-4 season, this game may help dictate the season for the western Bulldogs.

#6 - Georgia vs. Florida - October 29

The Dawgs lost in overtime to a bad Gators team last year. Now that Urban is gone, can Coach Richt turn around Georgia's fortune in the series now that a Georgia grad is on the sideline for the Gators?

#5 - Arkansas at LSU - November 26

I have a feeling the outcome of this game may decide the SEC West Champion. I expect Arkansas' offense to be even better this year with their experience at receiver and a star at running back. Arkansas has stolen victories from LSU of late.

#4 - Alabama at Florida - October 1

The Tide crushed the Gators at home last fall. Will Muschamp have his team ready for this game which begins a tough four game stretch for the Gators that includes Alabama, LSU, Auburn and Georgia?

#3 - Auburn at South Carolina - October 1

Carolina had the Tigers beat in their first meeting last fall but turnovers cost them the game. When the two met again in the Dome, even hail mary passes were being caught for touchdowns. Lattimore and company were able to knock off Bama at home last year, can they beat another defending national champion in Columbia this fall?

#2 Georgia vs. Boise State - September 3

The country will be pulling for Boise to beat the Dawgs. I sure hope we are ready to send them packing just like we did back in 2005. Georgia typically shows up in these situations. I definitely don't want to be the team that let Boise State get the SEC monkey off their back.

#1 - Oregon at LSU - September 3

LSU hosts the defending Pac-10 at Jerry Jones' football palace in Dallas. It should be quite a show!


Anonymous said...

10-13 the 2 teams who beat Boise State in 2000. Arkansas 6-6 and Washington State 4-7.

10-2 Boise State was in 2000.

Boise State plays nothing but cupcakes.

These voters who say that you went undefeated and therefore deserve a chance at the BCS 1-game Play-Off Mythical National Championship, and that every game counts - so, please don't do anything to screw up this successful college football under the BCS, are out of their minds.

All of Boise State's games are all against cupcakes.

Georgia, over the last 3 seasons, has been nothing but a cupcake ourselves.

We have no one on the roster, except Figgins who hasn't played and Sturdivant who hasn't played who played in any bowl game except crap bowl games to cap off crap years of beating no one ourselves.

While it is great to be high and mighty about 4 SEC teams beating Boise State, 4 for 4, the facts are we are not and have not been the team of 2005, six long suffering grueling seasons of shame off the field and shame on the field, while players say how much bigger, stronger and faster we are than a whole roster of 2-star nobodies who have beat no one themselves, ever.

DJ Shockley is not going to score 6 TD for UGA vs. Boise State in the Peach Bowl Classic to start the season this season.

16 of 24 for 289 yards and 5 TD passes plus another 5 rushes for 85 more yards rushing and yet another TD, is what DJ Shockley did to Boise State after their fans stated so bolding all Summer long that they would do to UGA 2005.

Our Offense has been horrible since 2005, when DJ Shockley graduated cum laude.

This past season, amid all the decries of how great Aaron Murray is as our Starting QB with his 6-7 record as Starting QB during which all 7 losses featured far better QB play head-to-head than Aaron Murray, saw no 5 rushing attempts for 85 yards and a TD rushing plus 289 yards passing for yet another 5 TD passes on 16 of 24 passing.

Instead, by direct stark contrast, Aaron Murray was # 62 in the nation at being sacked. Blame that on the OL ?

# 72 in 1st Downs by UGA nationally 2010. Blame that on the fact that 10 of the 11 Starters on Offense returned for UGA in 2010 ?

There is no doubt that 7 other quarterbacks on 7 other opposing teams all 7 played far better than Aaron Murray those 7 losses.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Murray this past 2010 season, and that all 7 as a direct result beat Aaron Murray.

# 72 in 1st Downs

# 56 Total Offense

# 55 in 3rd Down Conversions

# 62 at being sacked

Losing Record as a Starter

19 of his 24 TD passes came vs 7 teams who did not finish in the Top 25

Remaining 5 TD passes came in the other 6 games

His passes are not accurate

He lost 3 games without AJ Green and lost 4 games as the Starter at QB with AJ Green

Our # 1 recruit for 2011 is a QB Christian LeMay who enrolled early and who practiced with the team for the bowl game; yet, he we are told will not play until 2014, with Aaron Murray getting all the snaps 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 it is ordained. So, why Christian LeMay with your job on the line instead of a FB or NG or LB or DE ?

While Cam Newton won 7 games vs teams finishing in the top 25, Aaron Murray is 0-5.

Aaron Murray, by direct contrast, ROCKS with Six (6) Wins all over teams with a LOSING RECORD.

We need to demand more and to have competition. 2-10 vs teams finishing in the Top 25 over the last 3 years and the playing of favorites, has got to end.

I think Nick Saban would have coached Aaron Murray better. All this talent and we average more than 4 losses a season over the last entire 5 years ?

If Mark Richt has Georgia # 4 in winning percentages in college football over his entire 10 years here, why Georgia not listed in the Top 10 Winning Percentages 2001-2010 ?

We had better line up and play Boise State like DJ Shockley did in 2005, something we have not seen around here, since.

We don't beat the real true great teams who finished their seasons that year, Top 10 teams in the Final AP Poll.

This season will be no different from what we have seen. Do we buy tickets ? Do we contribute ? Is college football more healthy than ever under the BCS ? Does Boise State really beat the great teams in college football ?

Does UGA under Mark Richt ?

Tell me how great UGA will be 2011, and how great Aaron Murray has been, is and will be ?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I agree that the country will be pulling for Boise vs. the Dawgs. I think most people are sick of hearing them in the national title discussion for not playing more than 1 tough game a year and would like to have them out of the picture early

Anonymous said...


DawgFaithfull84 said...

So... Anonymous commentor #1,
I am so sick of the negative UGA fans. Sick. 6 Grueling season since 2005? Do the names Knowshawn Moreno and Matt Stafford mean anything to you? We won 10 game in their final year and won the sugar bowl. We arguably had the most talented team in the country that year. That was 2008 D-bag. The last 2 years were tough but we enjoyed success all of the last decade. Aaron Murray is a player no matter how you break the stats down. Try and look at the positives. There is no reason why we cant win the east this year. Last year is over. It means nothing now.
In 1979 we were 6-5. Im sure all the negative fans like you were humming the same tune then. Remember what happened the year after that? We will kill Boise St. Send them packing. You'll see. You're probably one of those fans that is happy when we lose so that you can be right in all your arguments about how bad UGA is now. I know your type. Its sad.

DawgFaithfull84 said...

Anonymous #2,
Another negative d-bag. Again stat boy, Last year's stats dont mean shit. Who ever said Christian Lemay is our #1 recruit? How about Isaih Crowell?(#1 RB in USA according to ESPN and Scout) John Jenkins? Ray Drew?(#1 player in GA) Malcolm Mitchell?(#1 CB in USA) Nick Marshall? Damian Swann? Jay Rome?(#1 TE in USA)...

All these were more highly recruited than Lemay. Lemay didnt even play his senior year of highschool because he got into some trouble. Thats the only reason he early enrolled. he hasnt played football in over a year.

Murray is the man. You obviously are retarded.

DawgFaithfull84 said...

Anonymous #2<
"So, why Christian LeMay with your job on the line instead of a FB or NG or LB or DE?"

Perfect example of a negative, uneducated UGA fan talking out of his ass. Get your facts somewhat in line before you start making anonymous posts. You were right to be anonymous since you clearly have no clue about UGA football. To answer your questions:

FB- we moved Figgins the TE to fullback over a month ago. Where have you been?

NG- We signed the #1 NG JUco Transfer recruit in the country(john Jenkins) He will start right away with Kwame geathers backing him up. Deangelo Tyson moved to DE now. (Do you even know who these players are or am i Wasting my breath on a dbag?)

DE- Ray Drew. We just signed the #1 player in GA who is also ranked the #2 weakside DE in america. Everybody wanted this kid. Where have you been?

LB- we signed 3 top 150 LB's in this class and Jarvis Jones is going to play this year. Also alec ogletree has been moved to LB. Again, Where r u Dude?

All of these players were higher ranked recruits than christaian lemay. dumbass

Streit said...

Thanks you readers for putting Mr. Anonymous in their place!