Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Recruiting Wrap Up: Assessing the Depth Chart - Defensive Backs

(This is the final entry in a series examining the depth chart following the completion of the 2011 recruiting season.)

Georgia's defensive backfield looks to return all four players who finished the 2010 season as starters (Boyking, Commings, Rambo, and Ogletree) as well as some experienced upper classmen. The new faces in the secondary could also push for playing time this fall.

Depth Chart - Corner
1. Brandon Boykin, Senior
2. Branden Smith, Junior
3. Sanders Commings, Redshirt Junior
4. Jordan Love, Redshirt Sophomore
5. Damian Swann, Freshman
6. Derek Owens, Sophomore

Boykin's decision to return for his senior season should help this group continue to improve in 2011. Sanders Commings was listed as the starter at the end of 2010, but I fully expect Branden Smith to be the starter come August. Jordan Love and Derek Owens both saw limited playing time in 2010 and will look to build on that experience this fall. Freshmen Damian Swann and Nick Marshall could also push for playing time with good summer camps. I expect freshman Devin Bowman to redshirt.

Depth Chart - Safety
1. Alec Ogletree, Sophomore
2. Bacarri Rambo, Redshirt Junior
3. Shawn Williams, Junior
4. Jakar Hamilton, Senior
5. Corey Moore, Freshman
6. Chris Sanders, Freshman

2010 was a disappointing year for Georgia's safeties. Bacarri Rambo failed to play at the same level he did in 2009 and transfer Jakar Hamilton did not live up to his reputation as "the hitman". The lone bright spot was true freshman Alec Ogletree, who will now be looked to as the leader of the group. Shawn Williams is the only other experienced safety on the roster, so expect immediate contributions from highly touted freshman Corey Moore. Chris Sanders may also see playing time, but I do not expect Quintavious Harrow to play much at safety (though we may see him on special teams.)


Anonymous said...

Good analysis. I'm not sure Branden Smith is an every down player at corner. He was run over and through during the Tech game. When Tech went wide, they went to Smith's side every time. I like Commings because he has the size Lakatos likes. I would rather see Smith covering slot receivers in the nickel than Alshon Jeffrey on a fade.

WDawg said...

Any thoughts on moving Hamilton the CB?


Streit said...

I had not really thought about it, but it could work. Since depth and experience is an issue at safety, I assumed he would stay there. I guess we'll find out this spring.

Dawgfan17 said...

The thing I love about having all the starters back and a very talented group of incoming freshmen is that there shold be a lot of competition for playing time instead of the last few years under Willie where you knew no matter how bad someone played they were going to be out there the whole game. Also the depth provided will allow for a lot of the secondary players to contribute on special teams without worry of wearing them out.