Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 Recruiting Wrap Up: Assessing the Depth Chart - OL

Georgia pulled in 6 new recruits who will be used on the offensive line in the next couple of years. But unlike many other positions, I do not expect any of these players to make much of an impact this season. My hope is that at least four of the six can be redshirted this fall.

Depth Chart - Tackle
1. Trinton Sturdivant, Redshirt Senior -LT
2. Kenaroius Gates, Sophomore - RT
3. Brent Benedict, Redshirt Freshman
4. AJ Harmon, Junior
5. Watts Dantzler, Freshman

Sturdivant is set at the left tackle position while it looks like Gates will move over into the right tackle position. If any of the true freshman make an impact, I would give the edge to Watts Dantzler and his 6'7'', 315 lbs body.

Depth Chart - Guard
1. Cordy Glenn, Senior - RG
2. Dallas Lee, Sophomore - LG
3. Justin Anderson, Senior
4. Kolton Houston, Redshirt Sophomore
5. David Andrews, Freshman

The left guard position is mist likely the only open competition on the offensive line headed into spring camp. Justin Anderson has been moved around so much that I can't put him as the favorite to start. I doubt any of the freshmen make an impact at guard this fall.

Depth Chart - Center
1. Ben Jones, Senior
2. Chris Burentte, Sophomore
3. Ty Frix, Senior (starter at Long Snapper)

This has been Ben Jones' job for the last three seasons and that will not change this fall. Look for Burnette to see time as Jones' back up. Ty Frix will hold down the long snapper position again this fall and freshman Nathan Theus will most likely take over in 2012.


Anonymous said...

Any chance that Arthur Lynch moves to OLine?

Streit said...

I don't think Lynch will move to the line. Aron White is a senior and will be gone after next year. Orson Charles is a junior, but a big season next fall (especially with the lack of experience at receiver) could mean an early exit to the NFL. That would leave only Rome and Lynch on the roster before recruiting next fall. You always need at least 3 tight ends on the roster, so I do not see any way Lynch is moved.

Thanks for the question.

dawg39 said...

Spring practice should see Tyson moving to DE. I suspect Geathers & "Bean" to work at "Nose". Need to get the 3-4 in shape this spring.
I also think that if Anderson has any NFL apirations it will have to be as a DL not an OL.

Dr. Merkwurdigliebe said...

Why do you have David Andrews listed as a Guard, when by most accounts he's suppose to be one of the top Centers coming out of HS?

Streit said...

There are a few reasons I listed Andrews at guard:

1. Ben Jones is a senior and I expect will take most of the snaps
2. Burnette has been on campus longer and will have a better chance to play there this fall
3. Players often play guard or tackle as underclassman and more to center later in their career (see Mike Pouncey for example)

This doesn't mean Andrews is never going to be center, but for now I don't see him as part of the center rotation this fall.