Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's time to bring Champ home

I was listening to the radio yesterday and the conversation was all about the Falcons melt down against the Packers on Saturday. Clearly, the Falcons defense under Brian Van Gorder had a horrible game. however, if you look at the Falcons defense of 2010 and compare it to the 2009 team, clearly the team has made strides in the right direction. The apparent weaknesses of the defense appear to be in the pass rush and coverage.

With starting nickel Brian Williams out with injury, Christopher Owens stepped into the formation that was on the field much of the game to counter the Packers 3 and 4 wide sets. Aaron Rodgers picked on Owens all night long. It is apparent that Owens is not the future for the Falcons. Brent Grimes had a nice season as a starter opposite Dunta Robinson, but clearly his size is an issue. The perfect solution for the Falcons would be to move Grimes to the nickel and bring in an experienced player to start at corner. There just so happens to be a former Georgia Bulldogs player and multiple time all-pro team member who is a free agent. That man is Champ Bailey.

While Champ clearly falls into the veteran category, at 32 his still has a few good years left in the tank. The 1998 Nagurski winner has enjoyed years of success in both Washington and Denver. His 48 career interceptions and 9 Pro Bowl appearances would immediately draw respect from other teams, who clearly game planned to stay away from Robinson this fall. It would be great to see Champ back in his home state wearing red and black. Plus, because he is reaching the end of his career, he won't likely command the type of money that players like Nnamdi Asomugha will.

Thomas Dimitroff, make it happen!


Andy Coleman said...

Amen Brother! I was just telling my dad this same thing the other night, and it would be one of the key pieces to a championship in Atlanta!

Bernie said...

Consider this seconded. I've always wondered what the last year of eligibility would've looked like with Champ in red and black. I won't mind at all if it's in the GA Dome instead of 'tween the hedges.

Uncle Dawg said...

Not to mention what Champ could teach the younger Falcon DBs.

Bringing Champ home is a no brainer.