Friday, October 1, 2010

3rd Annual BNE Pick 'Em: Week 4

We're heading into the meat of the season as conference play commences fully this week. Week 4 showed who is emerging as a contender, and who isn't quite there yet. Bama and Auburn both needed comeback talent to overcome some top opposition, while Tennessee needed two overtimes to beat a sloppy UAB. Meanwhile, no one saw UCLA coming, and neither did Texas as the Bruins ran all over Muschamp's defense. Look for Brown and the Horns to be fired up and ready for the Sooners in a potential upset at the Red River Shootout in Dallas.
I don't Texas and OU fans are normally this close
Minnesota and the Gophers have yet to emerge from their gopher holes, falling to NIU and a 1-3 start. Kudos to Dawgfan17 for being the only one not to take the bait and going with the Huskies. Finally, sitting with a 1-3 is UGA who fell to Mississip(p?)i State. The Dawgs make the trip out to Boulder to face 2-1 Colorado. AJ Green has been practicing during his suspension and shouldn't look green in his first start this season. Its a big morale boost to have AJ back in the game, but the coaching and Rocky Mountain air may have a bigger impact against the Dawgs. I expect UGA to pull off a close one and start winning...I hope.
More intimidating: Uga charging the field, or a 1200 lb buffalo? Mind your step
And now for our top 5 leaders for the week followed by our overall leaders:
  1. Earl's Girl with 187 points & 15-6
  2. AUMav's Picks with 186 points & 17-4
  3. G.D. & woof with 179 points and both going 16-5
  4. calgee & Fresh Catch Shuffle with 178 points and also both going 16-5 . calgee making a dramatic climb out of the bottom. Congratulations!!!
  5. allyugadawg with 176 points & 15-6
Our overall leaders:
  1. woof woof with 1023 points & 73-21
  2. G.D. with 1007 points & 71-23
  3. AUMav's Picks with 993 points & 75-19
  4. allyugadawg with 993 points & 73-21
  5. Hayduke with 985 points & 71-23
With last week's Bottom Feeder of the Week, calgee, skyrocketing out of the bottom of the barrel, we have a new BFotW! This week's BFotW is brought to you by the macabre crew over at, and they are a fitting sponsor given the grave performance of ugadawg13 this week. With a low score total of 134 points and an 11-10 record, ugadawg has managed the second lowest points total and win/loss record thus far. Making picks like these will only dig your grave faster. Just a friendly point of advice: don't pick more than 2 upsets each week unless you somehow have some inside information. If you do, let me know and I'll call my bookie. Otherwise, keep it simple. Hopefully we won't see you down here again. If we do, I'll be picking out your sports-headstone from similar to this one...
Bingo might be more to your talents if things don't pick up
Don't forget to get your picks in by the end of the day! If you get the chance, check out Air Force v. Navy, UGA v. Colorado (of course) and Oregon v. Stanford. I think Oregon might be the best team in the Pac-10 if they can keep their speed attack going. Keep an eye out for the winner of this top 10 match up as they might end up in the BCS title.
I'm drinking the Kool-aid I know, but even an airline is getting on board with the Ducks!


Papa Jack said...

AUMaverick said...

High altitude does bring added benefits to athletes in some instances, but only to those who have acclimated to the environment. Olympians, who train in Colorado Springs usually have a week before performing any extraneous exercise. Hopefully the Dawgs have been in Boulder long enough.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bubba/Earl,

'Hope you enjoyed your trip to Boulder, game score aside. As a Buff fan, it was a gratifying win over a traditionally strong SEC team. It's just too bad neither the Buffs nor the Bulldogs is playing terribly good football these days.

As for your pic of the Oregon airplane, Horizon Air features not only the University of Oregon, but also Boise State, Oregon State, Washington and Washington State-painted aircraft. It's a nice touch for fans/passengers in the Pacific Northwest.

'Hope UGA turns things around this season. Go BUFFS!