Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Thoughts from the Columbus Airport

I am stuck at the airport in Columbus, Ohio waiting for my flight home. Here are some thoughts on what has been going on lately:

- G-Day is on the Saturday of The Masters - Throw in the fact that I don't think the game will be on ESPN this year, and we should be back to the normal G-Day crowd of around 5,000.

- Who will be the final coaching hire? - I would still love to bring Travis Jones from the Saints to coach the line but I don't that is going to happen. If we can't get Jones, I would rather get a special teams coach. Grantham, Gardner, and Lakatos will be fine with the defense.

- Da'Rick Rodgers taking his visit to Tennessee - If he switched to UT, I guess it would be fair since we stole Marlon Brown from them on Signing Day last year. But, I really hope Da'Rick is in Athens next fall.

- Signing day is just a couple of weeks away. Barring any major changes, Georgia should end up with around the 10th ranked class in the country. Pretty good considering it is a smaller class and we had a pretty young team last season. The mass exodus leaving Florida with Tebow caused a lot of players to pick the Gators. I've got a feeling a fair number will be transferring after the 2010 season.

- Chan Gailey gets hired by Buffalo - You think Chan can get Reggie Ball to try out for QB? I guess the Bills figured since Georgia is not in the AFC East, Gailey should do alright.

- Despite losing all three games, the Georgia basketball team had 3 of the top 4 teams in the SEC on the ropes to start the SEC schedule. I really wish they could have held on against Mississippi State last Saturday, but clearly they are much better coached team under Mark Fox. Travis Leslie is going to be a big name in a couple of years.


Dawgfan17 said...

I don't think attendance will fall quite that far. The one reason this spring there will be a decent turnout is I think people will be very interested in seeing the 3-4 defense for the first time in Athens.

Gov Milledge said...

Agreed on the 3-4 interest... besides, it's another excuse to practice tailgating.

i was all about an exclusive S/T coach, but Rex had a good post about it's only our kickoff/punt coverage that's suspect. besides, grantham is the only D coach with 3-4 experience that we have, and i'd prefer to see someone else come in and help him implement it so he's not overwhelmed.

streit, also we're going to be at the tenn b-ball game this weekend. i'd be willing to do some pics and make a writeup if you're interested

Ally said...

Streit: Who is "Gardner"?

Assuming you mean Rodney Garner. And i ceratinly hope we keep him. Who knows what he's going to do tho. Right now he's staying, but there are rumors ab a line position with the Saints (yeah, i'm not kidding) and of course the daily freakouts ab Dooley making a run for him. If he leaves, i'll bet my life savings it's not for UT.

In addition, you can't have Grantham coaching both inside & outside linebackers. When you consider how little time can be dedicated specifically to special teams at practice, it would be a colossal waste to hire a special teams coach.

Either way, it doesn't matter. According to Grantham the next Coach that's hired will definitely be an LB Coach. Check out the podcast on Bulldawg Illustrated. It's much better than the interview on 680 The Fan or 790 The Zone. Also, BI has a podcast of Coach Lakatos as well.

Anonymous said...

Do THAT many people care about golf?

This is an honest question, not trying to be a smartass.

I think it is just awful.