Monday, April 20, 2009

No Good News?

We are now one week removed from G-Day and 3 months away from summer practice. The best we can hope for over those next three months is to hear very little out of Athens. Last year, most of the news was concerning player arrests or great expectations. This year, I will welcome a little silence as we prepare for the 2009 season.

Here is a glimpse of some other stories that are taking place in the Georgia athletic world right now:

- The Georgia gymnastics team won its fifth consecutive national championship. I repeat, 5 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in a row. Can you imagine the excitement level of the Dawg nation if the football team won 1 NC, let alone 5?

- The Diamond Dawgs took 2 of 3 from Arkansas to remain atop the SEC standings. At 2-2 for the week, I expect the team to fall out of the #1 ranking in the Coaches' Poll.

- The NFL draft is this Saturday and it looks like Stafford will indeed go #1 to the Lions. The real steal of the draft will be whoever picks up Knowshon in the 20-30 range.

- Speaking of Knowshon and Stafford, both are candidates to appear on the cover of this year's version of EA Sports NCAA Football. They begin announcing the cover athletes today on ESPN College Football Live and will do a different system's version of the game each day. I expect Stafford to grace the cover of either the XBOX360 of PS3 version.


Gov Milledge said...

i hope they don't pull any crap and put someone like Zabransky or make a 'classic' edition like when they put desmond howard on the front cover doing the heisman pose...

i am going to puke the following year when they put tebow on the cover, though.

Streit said...

They put the Utah QB Brian Johnson on the cover of the PS3 version. I'll put that on the Zabransky level, especially since I have not heard Johnson's name once in any of the draft talks.

Don't be surprised "Percy Harvey' is on one of the remaining covers this year.

If Meyer has it his way, Tebow will appear on the cover next year... the cover of Madden.