Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bubba 'N Earl's NCAA Tournament Picks

Who is going to cut down the nets this year?

Let the Madness begin!

The NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Tournament kicks off today and we here at Bubba N' Earl have filled out our brackets. Here's a look at our picks for the Final Four, the Championship Game, and who we think will take home the trophy.

Bubba's Picks:
Final Four: Louisville, Missouri, UCLA, UNC
Championship Game: Louisville vs. UNC
Champion: Louisville
(Side note: Bubba would also like to include his Final Four picks for the NIT: Davidson, UAB, Florida, and Virginia Tech - These were made before UAB lost its opening round game)

Earl's Picks:
Final Four: Kansas, Memphis, Villanova, North Carolina
Championship Game: Memphis vs. North Carolina
Champion: Memphis

Bulldawg Josh's Picks:
Final Four : Louisville, Pitt, Syracuse, Memphis
Championship Game : Louisville vs. Pitt
Champion : Louisville

Streit's Picks:
Final Four: Louisville, Memphis, Villanova, North Carolina
Championship Game: Louisville vs. North Carolina
Champion: Louisville

BFR's Picks
Final Four: Louisville, Memphis, Pitt, North Carolina
Championship Game: North Carolina vs. Memphis
Champion: North Carolina
(Disclaimer: The real world keeps calling on BFR so his picks are based on 4 and 1/3 minutes of actual bracketology consideration and a full season of ignoring college basketball (with the exciting exception of Georgia's unexpected first conference win of the season over the Hated Gators of Gainesville)

The Bubba N' Earl Sittin' on the 50 pick for the 2009 NCAA Men's Basketball Champion is Louisville.

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