Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Final Rankings

With CHOKElahoma blowing it against the gators, BFR, Jason, Joe, SRQDawg15, and Streit have all lost out. SRQDawg15 has been hurt the most. His Oklahoma pick dropped him from 1st to 5th.

So, our grand prize winner of the 1st Annual Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool is: EARL!!!

Congrats to Earl! Earl was our initial leader for the beginning of the bowl season, and has made a great comeback. Being as far back as 4th place, Earl is now the grand champion.

I didn't expect someone on the blog would win this pool. Nonetheless, Earl is going to get his $25 gift card to

Congrats to Ally for finishing 2nd place. Ally took over the lead of the pool after Earl and held onto it for quite a while.

Congrats to Stephen for coming in 3rd. While having the same point total as Ally, the tiebreaker came into effect and Ally was closer to the total points scored than Stephen.

Joe is our grand prize non-winner by finishing in last, therefore getting the Good Guy Award! Way to go Joe! Joe was in the middle of the pack, but slipped down and took over last place from AUMaverick after New Year's Day.

Thanks for everyone for participating in our first bowl pool. We appreciate your guys' efforts and participation. This was a lot of fun for us, and we couldn't have done it without you.

Go Dawgs!


1.Earl - 47pts.
2.Ally - 44pts.
3.Stephen S. - 44pts.
4.Bubba - 42pts
5.SRQDawg15 - 40pts.
6.ThinkingBulldog - 39pts.
7.BulldawgJosh - 38pts.
8.Streit - 38pts.
9.AUMaverick - 36pts.
10.Ann & Bob - 35pts.
11.BFR - 30pts.
12.Jason W. - 30pts.
13.Joe P. - 19pts.


Anonymous said...

Yea, Earl.

Ally said...

Congrats Earl!

Damn you Clemsux. When will I ever learn to expect a win out of that heap of crap in urnge...

Oh well, not bad for a chick ;-) Thanks for the pool guys it was a lot of fun & I hope you do it again next season!

Streit said...


AUMaverick said...

Ah ha! I finished ahead of BFR! SUCK IT!!

BFR said...

I have no shame in finishing behind you, AUMaverick. Despite my score, I am proud to at least be able to say that I didn't sell my soul and choose the Gators.

Earl said...

Thank you, thank you...and yes Streit...Damn Gators!