Friday, September 5, 2008

UGA Preview: Tebow Wears LeFevour Pajamas

The Central Michigan Chippewas visit the Classic City tomorrow. What the hell is a Chippewa, and is there anything it can do to harm a Bulldog? Probably not. Expect Georgia to handle its business this week in a professional fashion. Just as professional as some of the Chippewas at the Michigan State Capitol (above), sans the letter jackets and the pimps and hoes party in the front left.

That being said, Central Michigan does know how to win (see two-time defending MAC champion), and as Coach Richt has said numerous times in the past he'd much rather play a team that's used to losing (maybe like a South Carolina) than a team that knows how to win. However, the Chippewas haven't really gotten over the hump against BCS opponents, losing last season to Kansas 52-7; Purdue 45-22; Clemson 70-14; and a I-AA power North Dakota State 44-14.

We've all heard about how good Dan LeFevour is at quarterback. He's the MAC's version of Tim Tebow in that he can throw and run. In Central Michigan's 31-12 defeat of Eastern Illinois (directional Midwestern schools, you gotta love 'em, don't you know) last week, LeFevour completed 21 of 31 passes for 217 yards and 3 touchdowns in a game that wasn't close (since when does Central Michigan get a warm up opponent?). He should give the Dawgs some problems in the first half, but it will end there.

If only CMU fans could actually spell their QB's name correctly then Tebow might actually wear those pajamas

Coach Rich Rod wishes he had LeFevour running his spread attack at Michigan. Who would you rather have, the MAC's version of Tebow or a quarterback who couldn't hack it at the North Avenue Trade School?

CMU just isn't all LeFevour though. RB Ontario Sneed finished last week with 88 yards on 13 attempts. But I can only imagine Knowshon's or Caleb's or Richard's numbers against Eastern Illinois. So take that for what its worth.
The real reason the Dawgs will run away and hide is CMU's atrocious defense. They gave up 70 points to Clemson. Clemson! How many times did CJ Spiller and James Davis touch the ball in that game? I'm guessing the same number as you, probably not as many as those 9 attempts against Alabama (keep wearing purple, Tammy, the color fits).
Prediction: Georgia 48, CMU 20 (Richt holds it under 50)
The Dawgs will handle their business here and get ready for Columbia. You heard it here: it will get ugly in Columbia. The Cocks usually think they're world beaters at 2-0 (against creampuffs) when they play Georgia. This year, there is zero confidence in Cockaboose land after last night's defeat. Combine that with Georgia's revenge and the USC-Ohio State game being played on the same day.....the Dawgs will be ready.

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