Monday, November 23, 2009

BNE Pick 'Em Week 12

Well, I'm back after a week off to bring you the ups and downs for the BNE Pick 'Em. Was it me, or was there not a lot going on in football this weekend?

First up, the most exciting game of the weekend had to be LSU vs. Ole Miss. I mean seriously, what didn't this game have? Defense, offense, special teams, heroes, zeros, and surprises galore. I have to nominate Jordan Jefferson and the LSU coaching staff for the Boneheads of the Year award after the final 4 minutes of the game. After a recovered onside kick, going for it all on 4th and 26, completing a hail mary pass just 7 yards short of the goal line with 1 second left, what does LSU do? Rush on their kicking unit all ready to go on the sideline? Try a gutsy dump pass into the end zone? The ol' Statue of Liberty trickeration? No, no my friend, Les and Jefferson are much too crafty for anything so simple. They decide that spiking the ball will fool everyone and leave them with exactly one second to run a...oh, wait...yeah...1-1 leaves me with...OH CRAP!


Almost as surprising as the game was the fact that most everyone picked that game correctly! The only other truly exciting game was Oregon and Arizona going down to the wire in OT, with the Ducks setting up a defacto Pac-10 championship game this weekend in the Civil War with Oregon State. I keep telling you, the Ducks are for real.

Jeremiah Masoli ain't pretty, but he makes sure the Ducks win

Pretty much everything besides these two games was kind of a let down from the rest of the season. Bama and Florida bullied two weaker schools in Chattanooga and FIU respectively. Tennessee failed to cover the spread...again! Meechigan lost like everyone expected and Arkansas kept the fireworks going with a win over Mississippi State. But, the biggest let down was the Kentucky vs. UGA game...

Penalties + turnovers + bad coaching = 6-5

So with the unpleasantness over with, let's see where we stand going into rivalry weekend:

1. shelt320 & dawgsman81
3. Dutch
4. DawgDai
5. yedidawg
6. bulldog91
7. Gen. Stoopangle
8. BFR
9. OneHairyDawg
10. Donald Eason

From the BNE Staff:
1. BFR 
2. Earl
3. aumaverick
4. bubba
5. Streit
6. bulldawgjosh

And now for our Bottom Feeder of the Week, sponsored by
It looks as though someone only recently joined our Pick 'Em judging by his 0-10 record and 0 points. So ruling that out, it looks like our old pal mmike032 is still sitting fat, dumb and happy at the bottom of the feeding trough. 41-91 and 236 overall, but tied for #5 this week (along with 24 others).
mmike032, keep at it and you just might climb out in time for the end of the season. I suggest some of the studying techniques from our sponsor, for tips on how to bone up on this weekend's matchups. Tips like studying, having a plan, organizing, knowing who is actually playing and remembering to enter your picks. When all else fails though, there's always adderall.

So this is it for the regular season. Its rivalry weekend! Florida vs. FSU, UNC vs. NC State, Texas vs. Texas A&M, UGA vs. GaTech, and of course the Iron Bowl between Bama and Auburn. Hate your brother, hate your neighbor, heck you might even hate your wife this week! Whatever you do, whoever you hate, remember its only for one day...every other day is just plain disgust.


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