Thursday, November 26, 2009

Unsubstantiated, Undocumented, and Unconfirmed Rumors On Willie Martinez

While driving out of Atlanta yesterday, I was listening to the Rude Awakening on 680 The Bland when they did a news alert saying they had unconfirmed reports that Willie Martinez was going to resign this coming Sunday. While they did not name Willie or UGA outright, any moron that's even passing through the State of Georgia knew what they were talking about.

My main problem is that if this was unconfirmed, as they admitted, and they don't even want to mention the person's name because it is unconfirmed, then why in the hell are they bringing it up!?! This is exactly why talk radio and journalism do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Personally, I'm with Rex Robinson on this topic. I don't think Willie is going anywhere and that it is better for us to accept that fact as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

well lets hope willie goes somewhere... im ready to win some football games!!

Anonymous said...

Why dont you actually state some news instead of just spouting off the obvious. Willie will be gone. Fabris will be gone. Janek will be gone. Bobo could be gone. Richt should NOT go anywhere!!!!!

Uncle Dawg said...

I read his opinion. If Rex Robinson is correct, Richt is flirting with professional suicide. Unfortunately for the Bulldog Nation, it will be a slow death by friendship. Maybe Mark Richt is tired of coaching.