Friday, November 27, 2009

Things To Say To Nerds on Saturday

In case you need to brush up on your vocabulary for tomorrow, here are some things you can say to all the nerds you come across. By no means is this an all encompassing list. Add your own in the comments section.

Things to call the "fans"



-Trade schoolers



-Geek Squad

-Nerd Troopers (or Storm Troopers)

Things to call the school

-North Avenue Trade School

-Joke by Coke

-Auburn by the ghetto

-The Varsity's back lot

-United Nations gone wrong

Phrases to say

-"So, where can I find the Reggie Ball statue?"

-" Were you the engineers than put together that parking deck that collapsed over on 5th Street?"

-"I need to go to some parties. Can you point me towards Georgia State? Oh, you have parties here? I want to go to ones that will have women."

-"So, exactly what color is that you are wearing? Mustard?"

-"Wow! You guys went to the Emerald Nuts Bowl? Good thing you have these signs up in here letting everyone know your great accomplishments."

-"It's so great to be here at the Joke by Coke/North Avenue Trade School/any other derogatory name."

-"Beat the rush, HATE Tech early."

-"Excuse me, which way are all the women? Oh, I gotta go off campus."

-"45-42? Oh, you know what's so great about the number 45? In the last 45 years, you've only beaten UGA 12 times. Suck it."


-"Fake, retroactive national championships don't count. You've only won two."

-"You left the SEC, you didn't deserve to come back. You're welcome."

-"No, I do not want to attend your robot club meeting. There's a football game about to start."

-"I'm a ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech, and I'm a CRAAAAAAAAAAASH!!!"

-"It doesn't matter what you do or do not accomplish, we will always be better at life."

-"You spent your entire time at Tech wishing you had gone to Georgia."


Pumpdawg said...

I think the Reggie Ball statue is at UGA.He's one of the best quarterbacks we had when we played Teecch.

alex gibbs said...

"Choke. The official drink of Georgia Tech Football"