Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thoughts on Kentucky: Epic Fail Part Two

6-5. 5 losses. Since I started at the University of Georgia in 2000, that is something I have never heard in relation to the Georgia Bulldogs football team. Every thing that has been talked about as an issue this season reared its ugly little head on Saturday night. On a night where you out gain the opponent nearly two yards to one and you hold the ball for significantly more time, you should never expect to lose.

First a couple of birght spots:

- Orson Charles and Rontavious Wooten had their best games at Georgia. The play action was working great in the first half, where the hell did it go in the second?

- Running the ball with King and Ealey continues to be successful. A dash of Branden Smith is a nice change too.

- Rennie Curran's stop of Randall Cobb on second and goal from the 1. An amazing play, even if Kentcuky did score on the next snap.

Okay, that's for the good. Now onto the bad.

- Joe and Bryan. Hope you enjoyed your years at Georgia. You may have had some talent, but you cost us more than helped us. I wish you the best in the future, but I am glad I will nto have to see you play at Sanford again.

- The fumble by Washaun was bad, but who calls a freaking toss sweep on third and goal from the 1?!?!? I miss Brannen Southerland.

- Branden Smith is fast, but not ready to get killed on kick-offs. If Boykin can't go, at least put someone out there who we know can hold the ball.

- Which leads into the major problem with the game - Coaching. Worse coaching effort I have seen at Georgia. Let's count the mistakes:
1. What the hell was the deal with kickoffs? Squib kicks, pooch kicks, and bad coverage. We need a full time special teams coach now.
2. The blocked punt - Yes, we ended up getting to punt again, but the guy who blocked it was totally open. I said to my wife before the ball was snapped that the kick was going to get blocked.
3. Why did the running game disappear in the second half? We had nearly 150 yards rushing by half, but only 30 or so in the second. Caleb and Washaun were running well but Cox was pretty inaccurate. I just don't get it.
4. The play action worked great in the first half and it also suddenly disappeared in the second.
5. Two trips inside the opponents 2 = 3 points. The first time, on a second and 1 from the 2 (we could have got a first down!) they call play action when Ealey could have easily ran it in. And then there was the toss sweep at the end. Bobo, this is on you.

I could go on for a lot longer, but I won't. The coaching was pathetic and changes need to be made. We all know what is coming next week. At this point, I am just ready for the season to be over.



Anonymous said...

we are what we are...a shaky 6-5 team that is just barely holding on...I need a drink!

the Techsters smell blood in the water and they can't wait til Saturday to eat us alive...

stop the world...I just want to get off!

later,old dawg

(one who remembers better days)

Sports Dawg said...

There should be one heck of a lot more going on this off season than has been going on during the season.

Anonymous said...

absolutely loved the stadium booing the draw play on 3rd and 10 @ the end of the game. I guess they were all moronic douche bags huh.....this team is a grease fire. also memo to the coaching staff, let anyone besides cox be the qb against tech. lol