Monday, November 23, 2009


It Shall be declared that the official Week of Hate shall be opened after the day of Sabbath on the last week of November, and that Hatin' shall henceforth commence through the last hour of the last Saturday in November. Upon the rise of sun the following morning, the Week of Hate shall officially close, but let it be known that the Hate shall never fade for the next year in the hearts of those that truly Hate.

In other words, The week of Clean Old-Fashioned Hate has begun.

Begin your week appropriately by Hatin' some Tech.

Go Dawgs!


Ally said...

Thought you might wanna see this:

And yes, he's a Yech grad.

Tuck Fech!

Jan Kemp said...

Where you at UGA? Come get your whoopin'! No fat matt, noshow, or masqaquiuoqoo to keep it close this year. Get ready for 600 yards of total offense. Can't wait to see those deer in headlight eyes of the red headed step child when Derrick Morgan is coming at him. Have fun at the weedeater bowl.