Friday, November 13, 2009

Aubie As A Turkey: True Story Of The SEC's Most Versatile Mascot

In the midst of a email chain between several of us Dawgs and AUMaverick, Earl reminded me of this post from last year detailing the many faces of Aubie.

It reminded me how Aubie out did himself last year by dressing up as a turkey.

Luckily, we sat 5 rows from the field in the Auburn section, so I got some great pictures of it.

I did a post on it last year too, but figured it was worth posting again:

When you see Aubie on Saturday, remember that he isn't threatening.

That is, unless you are going up against him in a job interview or an a game show obstacle course. His experience and skills are unmatched.

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AUMaverick said...

By far, the most talented, enthusiastic, and hard working mascot in all of college football.