Thursday, November 12, 2009

Masters of the Tailgate Review

Yesterday we mentioned how Bubba and Streit were going to appear on Masters of the Tailgate in a tailgating obstacle course.

Bubba's appearance came in the final segment of the show called, "The Berg Challenge" and he appeared under the name "Bluto."

If you saw it, Bubba put forth a valiant effort, but came up short against his opponent, "The Berg." The Berg was able to get a head start on Bubba because he was extremely skilled at cornhole, the challenge's first event.

No harsh feelings though, The Berg was a cool dude (a champion among champions, if you will) and he looked like he was still drunk from the night before.

Unfortunately for Streit, he didn't realy end up appearing the show. However, several of us appear behind Bubba (and received close ups of our horrific faces), and we looked like complete idiots. Awesome.

Bubba, however, appeared downright dignified in his bowtie and represented the Bulldawg Nation well.

still a champion

I thought that the show was pretty good overall. It captured the tailgting experience fairly well, at least as best anyone could in a 30 minute show. Of course, some fans with a hint of douchebaggery made it on, but so did some pretty awesome fans as well.

I also like how the show the profiled downtown Athens at night. That's definitely unique among any show that has tried to profile the college gameday experience.

If we can get the video, we'll put it up on the blog.

At the end of the season, they're going to have a vote for the best tailgating among the campuses they profiled. Hopefully we'll be able to as good of a job campaigning for that as we did for our buddy Alex over at Junkyard Blawg.


MT said...

Sonny Seiler was the warmup before your segment, Bubba. Classy.

I was impressed how much the show covered in scope.

Also, Bubba, you are horrid at cornhole.

Bubba said...
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Bubba said...

I tried to protest the results off camera, that cornhole board was entirely too slick. The Berg had a home board advantage on that one.

Seriously, it was a ton of fun to meet those guys and they came back to our tailgate a couple of other times. Unfortunately, those shots were left on the cutting room floor.

Finally, in response to Ally on the original post, the bow tie is an essential part of every southern man's wardrobe. I just hope that some NATS grad working on a project in NW Mississippi sees that and realizes that I represent every reason he hates UGA. Go Dawgs!

Ally said...

Damn straight Bubba! And you rocked that bowtie like nobody's business honey ;)

I still say you got robbed.

Go Dawgs!

Craig said...


Hey it's Craig from Masters of the Tailgate. I just wanted to give you and your crew a heads up that UGA will be featured this WED at 4:30PM EST on VERSUS. We close the Georgia segment with you guys. Thanks for everything and enjoy the show. Go Dawgs!