Wednesday, November 11, 2009

See Bubba and Streit on TV: Masters of the Tailgate

A new television show, called Masters of the Tailgate, on the Versus Channel was in Athens on the weekened of the LSU game to tape segments for an episode detailing tailgating at UGA. David Hale mentioned the show in a blog post yesterday.

Bubba was chosen to be a contestant in what amounted to a tailgating obstacle course. Once the producer laid eyes on Bubba, he knew there was no better choice for the show. MT (frequent commenter here), told the producer that Bubba's name was Bluto, so that's what he's referred to on the show.

One of the last missions on the obstacle course was to catch a pass, and Streit had the honor of making a cameo by throwing the football to Bubba. He was a spitting image of David Greene, and you should be able to see for yourself on the show.

I've forgotten to DVR the previous episodes (filmed at Ohio State and Floriduh), so I don't know how they actually set up the show. However, I'm hoping it will be pretty funny. The crew members of the show were pretty cool, as well as one of the hosts being somewhat attractive (MASSIVE UNDERSTATEMENT).

The show is appearing on Versus today at 4:30p.m. Unfortunately, I haven't found any scheduled repeats. So, make sure you set your DVR.

If we can get a video of the episode, we will post the video (likely against the wishes of Bubba).

Until then, below are some pictures from Bubba's appearance. You can see most of the Bubba 'N Earl team and extended family in the background of the pics.

The Legend

some douchebag in the background

Declaring the impending victory

The opposition


Bernie said...

It's always nice when years of training finally pay off.

Can't wait to see Bubba funnel beer with that host...!!

Anonymous said...

WOW. Dizzy bat?

alex gibbs said...


Bubba said...

The only time in North Campus history that the Family Friendly Tailgating Area has been used for anything.

MT said...

That was a fun weekend.

I'd like to think our tailgating experience will be viewed as an SEC standard on TV sets around the country, and that Bluto/Bubba is a typical UGA fan. Makes me proud.

Also, yall can grab any pics I have up and use them liberally on the blog. I particularly like the 'UF - Trash Only' one from Jax.

MJ said...

haha. i actually caught it.

pretty funny, i laughed a lot.

Ally said...

I watched it earlier& it was a great show-surprised how much they got into Dawg tailgating & tradition. Pretty awesome to see! But weren't they calling you "Bruno" Bubba? Oh and he cheated-you were robbed ;)

Incidentally i'm pretty pissed i didn't get to meet Wendell the Miller High Life guy. Love the bow-tie Bubba!

Go Dawgs!

Evan Ward said...

You are competing with Rocky's retarded cousin Guido?