Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thoughts on Tennessee Tech

What a great game it was yesterday for the Georgia Bulldogs. I know someone will say it was only Tennessee Tech and another person will say, "You only scored 38 points." It doesn't matter. If Coach Richt had wanted the team to score 70, we could have very easily. After we come out and scored on the opening drive of the second half to go up 38-0, the back ups were in and we basically ran the ball up the gut the rest of the day. Tennessee Tech was the worst team I've ever seen us play and we dominated them like we should. Here are my final thoughts on the game:

- I'll start with the only negatives. Still too many penalties, but at this point enough has been said. Logan Gray's interception near the end of the first half was really bad. it was inderthrown into double coverage. As my friend said, maybe no one will ask why Logan is not playing more from here on out after that pass. Alright, on to the positives.

- Aron White and Orson Charles are both playing really well right now. I would love to see them more involved in the passing game as teams will continue to double cover AJ Green.

- Branden Smith = FAST

- The running game looked great. Ealey got the first two TDs of his career and Caleb King has continued to improve. I think these two will be a hell of a backfield in the coming years.

- The defense was lights out. Here's a closer look at how dominate the defense was.
> Tennessee Tech went 3 and out of their first four possessions of the game
> They only crossed the 50 yard line once the entire game
> Georgia allowed only 68 yards passing and -13 yards rushing, for a total only 55 yards of total offense allowed all game
> Georgia held them to 4 of 13 on third downs

In the end, Georgia got the one thing it needed most: a victory. Now we have a huge game with Auburn on Saturday. With South Carolina suddenly struggling, we have a shot at finishing in at least a tie for 2nd place in East.

Let's give 'em hell this Saturday. GO DAWGS!!!

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alex gibbs said...

It was great to be there, and the Dawgs and the Dawg nation needed a big win before we play Auburn, Kentucky, and the Trade school.

Brandon Smith is so fast! It was awesome watching that.