Monday, November 9, 2009

Help Alex Win Tickets To Auburn

Alex, a dear friend and a devoted reader of this blog (I also wrote a piece about his father here), is eligible to win tickets from Bill King over at the AJC's Junkyard Blawg.

Go here, and vote for picture No. 2. Just so we're clear, here is the picture you need to vote for:

That is a picture of Alex's foot (yes the tattoo is real), and it just further proves his dedication to the Dawg Nation.

I know it'll be tempting to vote for the first picture since it has Mike Woods in it. However, Mike Woods is not submitting it, and anybody can paint their face. That's no big deal compared to putting that on your foot.

Remember, vote for Alex, No. 2!


Sports Dawg said...

Got him covered!

alex gibbs said...

Thanks to everyone that helps out! Go Dawgs!