Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thoughts on Auburn

Down 14-0 and having just lost their best player, Georgia looked like they were in serious trouble on Saturday night. A blowout loss to Auburn would have made me question whether the Dawgs would even get bowl eligible. But what the players and the fans needed, the Dawgs delivered on Saturday night. It was an amazing team effort and with two games to go, a shot a New Year's bowl is suddenly a reality once again. Here are my thoughts on 2009 version of the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry.

- The first quarter was one of the worst quarters of football I have witnessed at Sanford and I've seen some bad ones over the last ten years (Tennessee in 06 and Bama in 08 just to name a few). The defense was lost and once again penalties looked like they were going to be a problem. But then a strange thing happened...we made adjustments.

- I have to give Willie some credit on this one. Auburn was making us look ridiculous, but suddenly things changed and we were getting pressure on Todd. Couple that with the best tackling effort I have see Georgia put together this season (Tennessee tech doesn't count) and we shut Auburn's offense down. When you allow 14 points in the first quarter and only 3 the rest of the way, the defense is definitely doing something right.

- For the first time all season, I can honestly say the special teams was not the best unit for the Dawgs. Obviously the kick off return hurt, but our return game only turned in a mediocre effort at best. And I can't for the life of me figure out why we picked this game to stop letting Walsh at least attempt to kick it deep. Butler was solid and Walsh made the 51 yarder look like a chip shot.

- When Auburn's field goal attempt hit the upright but still went through, I felt like we were getting paid back for the tipped pass to Orson.

- Losing AJ again sucks. It sound like his shoulder is pretty banged up. At this point, let him heal and get ready for the bowl game. The man has done enough for one player to do for his team this, we can't ask him to go out there hurt. With AJ out, it will be a chance for the other receivers to step up, just like Israel Troupe did last night.

- The combination of King and Ealey was awesome. The line finally played up to its potential and the running backs did their part. it was a lot of fun to have a real running game again. These two are going to be monsters next season.

- My final thought is concerning the player who was the MVP of the game and is on every one's mind right now. Baccari Rambo is the playmaker we have been missing in the secondary. Like Rennie Curran, he just seems to be everywhere around the ball. After Evans dropped the easy interception, Rambo came into the game and it was a whole new Georgia defense. He saved the game for the Dawgs and knocked himself out doing it. That is called heart and this kid definitely has it. Heal up Rambo, can't wait to have you back!

Overall, an amazing night in Athens. I was yelling at people for booing early in the game but the support the crowd showed at the end heals all those wounds. It seems like Auburn always brings out the best in Georgia fans.

Two games to go. Let's close it out strong!



alex gibbs said...

Absolutely amazing game! Absolutely terrified seeing Rambo on his back. He's more than just a bad-ass name, he's the real deal in the secondary!

MT said...

thanks for shouting down the boo-ers. you could even hear it 1Q on TV too... I personally was worried we were witnessing the beginnings of a 'Bama blackout type game, but we turned it around.

It really showed how much we missed Houston. What a force. Willie's entire D is predicated on being able to rush with 4 down linemen and drop everyone back; Houston gave us enough pressure to make the D look effective.

Still, for the life of me, I do not understand Bobo's first scripted drive of the game. HORRENDOUS.