Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Favorite Kentucky Player

As part of last year's graduating class, Kentucky lost a true legend of Wildcat football: Dicky Lyons Jr! (for any of you who have every been to the Super Dome in New Orleans, imagine the PA guy with the strong accent saying the name). Lyons, a wide receiver from Louisiana, was always a joy to watch on the field and it was a shame that he missed the last half of his senior senior due to injury. Lyons was the leading receiver in the SEC before the injury and he was known to make amazing plays like this:

Being from Louisiana, I guess Lyons had a certain built up anger towards LSU. He sure showed it on this block on Craig Steltz:

Lyons signed with the Falcons during training camp this year. He was promptly cut just 24 hours later. He didn't even last as long in the NFL as my other favorite Wildcat, Jared Lorenzen. Come to think of it, I can't really think of any other Kentucky players in the NFL.

Good luck this weekend Cats, the Dawgs are ready!



Rusty said...

Josh, how the hell did the Bad Brains make it into this blog?

Bernie said...

Wasn't Lyons the guy who had a dream about Stafford?