Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thoughts on the Pathetic Effort against Mississippi State

I have always tried to be an optimist. But there are absolutely no excuses for the play that we saw today. Georgia only had the ball 7 times (well technically 8, but the last drive meant nothing, including the touchdown pass). We were in the red zone 3 times and got only 6 points. We couldn't stop Mississippi State from simply running it straight up the middle with the QUARTERBACK!

And now, I am officially ready to join the fire Mike Bobo bandwagon. Mississippi State sent a blitz nearly every single play, yet Bob continued to call runs straight up the middle. Every pass play seems to have exactly two options: either their is only one person going out or the pass is towards the sideline. We threw no passes (with the exception of the one to Ealey that he fumbled) to the middle of the field. Considering the amount of blitzing they were doing up the gut, there should have been open receivers near the middle.

We are paying Todd Grantham $750,000 to do what? The 3-4 was supposed to be a blitzing offense that created turnovers. All I see is wide open receivers over the middle every time some one runs a pass play.

The effort was piss poor and there seems to be no excitement. The penalties returned and killed us. I am not sure what is going on it that locker room, but someone needs to take some responsibility.

I have not been on the crazy fringe up until now, but I feel myself getting a lot closer to edge right now.

We all better enjoy Colorado, because right now I don't see us playing in a bowl game.


Anonymous said...

Thank heavens that someone else can see that we dont throw the ball over the middle of the field. Our passing offense consists of an out, a go, and a curl. Please throw a freakin crossing route before I go insane. Anything but what we do 99% of the time.

AUMaverick said...

I think its time for the countdown clock to go up to track how long until Bobo gets fired.

War Eagle anyone?

Walter Sobchak said...


yet again you miss the point...Bobo is a symptom of the problem. If you think firing Bobo solves anything, you're more off-target than normal.

And you're down on the one piece of the team that did not sh*t the bed, the D. They did not play well, but really only 17pts on mutliple short fields. The last TD was given to them by circumstances.

Screw you War Eagle.

jack said...

defense is horrible. richt has to go. this should be a top 10 program year in year out. in last 2 years, won't crack top 50 [other than name recognition getting votes].

Uncle Dawg said...

Hey, can any of you technically savvy Dawg fans out there create a random play generator for an iPod before we go to Boulder?

If you can, please hurry. Your team and Mike Bobo need your help. He could use it during the game, look normal, and no one would be the wiser.

Be sure to include the theme song from The Waltons for half-time to help get them pumped up for the second half.

Uncle Dawg

Oh, and one more thing. You know that play that runs a 155 running back repeatedly into the middle of an 8 man front? Please leave that one off the play rotation and replace it with a couple that might use our speed outside occasionally and our tight ends across the middle. (you know,... those tight ends most schools in the SEC recruited)

Thx - U.D.

Anonymous said...

I am an avid reader of your blog. I, like you, am slow to call for firings out ousters and I try to look at the big picture and not be "fan" guy. I think you are a little off mark and over reacting on Bobo. This is the same guy who looked like a genius in '07 and '08 when we were putting up points left and right. I believe it is clear that Richt has taken some of the reigns from bobo and is back in the saddle calling some of the plays. Just like with Willie last year, I knew his firing would probably fix nothing, and to this point I have been correct. This all starts at the top with Richt. Bobo or Willie did not call for us to wear Grambling's uniforms against Fla last year. It was richt's decision to play a lame duck Joe Cox all year, instead of playing Murray and getting him valuable experience (also see Joe T III ahead of Stafford in '06 ahd redshirting Knowshown that same year). It is Richt who sits a top the program that just had their 10th arrest in 7 months, a player selling his jersey, and so on. The play calling was not the problem last night. Fumbles, penalties, lack of discipline, and a total lack of effort, heart, and passion are the reason this team lost. Richt has lost the team and I do not believe he will get them back. Though Bobo has made some mistakes (all coordinators do) everyone knows that our offense revolves around a great running game. This is the same offense that we used to roll through the SEC 2002-2007 (save '06). We have missed on some kids at TB and our OL remains a weak mystery. There is a lack of chemistry up there, a cancer or two in the coaching staff and the locker room. I believe it is time to blow the whole thing up and start with a new coach.

josebob said...

This is a lack of effort and heart. The players need to stop the thinking of "hey, we're Georgia, we're gonna pull a 9-3 no problems" now, you need to think "hey we are Georgia, not Bama, LSU or Florida and we're gonna have to kick butt to pull a winning season this year."

We had a perfect opportunity to take the East this year with the easy schedule and Florida and South Carolina playing Bama in the regular season. We blew it. There needs to be a blowout vs Colorado or the season is down the drain.

AUMaverick said...

Mark my words, UGA will struggle with Colorado. I say this not as an Auburn grad, but as a Dawg fan worried for the soul of the team.

MJ said...

Man, I could you be down on the D?

I thought they played well.

The main problem is that we are still suffering from the CWM coaching effect, which is highlighted by our problems in the secondary. You can't re-coach guys on tactics, teach them a new formation, and expect great things overnight.

... and regardless of where the defense is now, its MILES better than last years.