Friday, September 24, 2010

3rd Annual BNE Pick 'Em: Week 3

Don't forget to get your picks in this afternoon! Go Dawgs - WAR EAGLE!

BNE Pick 'Em Top 5
  1. Fresh Catch Shuffle: 283 points & 19-5
  2. woof woo: 278 points & 20-4
  3. OneHairyDawg: 277 points & 20-4
  4. Dawgfan17: 273 points & 20-4
  5. dawg1976: 272 points & 20-4
Overall Leaders
  1. woof woof: 844 points & 57-16
  2. G.D.: 828 points & 55-16
  3. srm2006: 823 points & 56-17
  4. Dawgfan17: 821 & 61-12
  5. Dutch: 821 & 55-18
And now for our Bottom Feeder of the Week, sponsored by Blue from American Express. I'm sad to say, but my former co-worker and mentor, calgee, is our new BFotW with a dismal 178 points and 16-8 record. Picking UGA over Arkysaw, ok, I can see that. Tubs over Brown, sure, it was plausible. And no one would have thought Arizona over Iowa. But Duke over Bama? With 7 confidence points?! I think you need to apply for a line of credit with our sponsor, Blue from American Express, to help cover the checks your dumbass picks are making but teams aren't cashing. Blue helps you earn points on purchases you make, much like you earn points for the CORRECT picks you make. Maybe swipe our little Blue friend to buy a few Athlon Sports magazines to help you research your picks for this week. While you're at it, maybe use Blue to buy a ticket to the blue turf capital in Boise for the Oregon State vs. Boise State game. And if you're feeling blue again on Monday, go visit our other friends at to catch a sneak peek at the all new, true-blue Smurf movie coming to a theater near you in 2011. I'm blue-daba-dee-dabba-da-dabba dee-da-ba-dee...

Oh lord the terrible Euro-trash that will be heard in Boise.

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Amanda said...

I liked this song before I liked the blues. Amanda Vanderpool