Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Must Win in Stark Vegas

Honestly, I hate the term must win. It is overused, especially in the world of college football because there is no playoff system. In other words, every game is a must win if you want to win a championship.

At this point in the 2010 season, we know that the Georgia Bulldogs will not be winning any type of championship this fall. With an 0-2 SEC record, Georgia would need to win all of its remaining conference games and hope that Florida loses at least one other conference game and South Carolina loses three conference games just to get a chance to play for the SEC Championship. It's not going to happen. But, what could happen is Georgia salvaging an ugly start with a series of big victories. This all begins Saturday in Starkville, where the hope of a respectible season for the Dawgs hangs in the balance.

Georgia should win this game, no doubt. The talent level of the Bizarro Bulldogs is nowhere near that found in Athens. State dropped a close game to Auburn two weeks ago but it was more about Auburn's inability to put points on the board as opposed to State playing well. Their quarterback play is unstable and with Anthony Dixon gone to the pros, they lack a true superstar in the backfield.

Bizarro Superman is an official supporter of the Bizarro Bulldogs.

While the losses the last two weeks have been bad, Georgia managed to hang close in both games against two opponents who are now ranked in the top 15 in the country. If the team can carry any momentum from the fourth quarter against Arkansas, this game could be over quickly.
Bring on the Cowbells! The resurrection of our season begins on Saturday.


Ally said...

I dunno, we always seem to play MSU kinda close, like SCU. Looking at stats (granted it's a small sample) their defense is fairing better than SCU's D at this point. I'm thinking this game will be low scoring & much closer than Dawg fans want. Praying Bobo proves me wrong tho.

Anonymous said...

How can you sit there and say UGA has no chance at an SEC east championship? USC has to play AU, Ark, AL, UF, and UT. I definitely see 3 losses there and it starts this Saturday night in Auburn. UF won't be AL next weekend either. Yes, UGA has to run the table; but we've probably already played two of the three toughest games in conference. USC won't go to Atlanta!! It will be the winner of UGA and UF. Stop the pessimistic attitude. When AJ returns the offense will get clicking!! Mark it down.

AUMaverick said...

UGA 3, Miss St. 2