Wednesday, October 29, 2008

These Days There's Dudes Gettin' Facials

As the WLOCP nears, we're reminding the Bulldawg Nation (BTW, Georgia started that "Nation" stuff) about the differences between Georgia and Florida.

A lot of country music stars, being from the South, like to bring up SEC football players on stage. I've seen this done before, but what could be more appropriate than Brad Paisley bringing Tim Tebow and his boyfriend up on stage to sing "I'm Still a Guy". Looks like Timmy is cheating on Tony Joiner these days. Notice who Paisley points to when he starts singing.

Now, I'm just sayin'...would you rather see that or this great Georgia band that's finally getting some legitimate play all over the country.

Zac Brown Band playing "Chicken Fried" at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta's Little 5...

Differences, man, differences...

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Bop said...

"Differences, man, differences..." so dang true.

Thank the Lord we are blessed to be on this side of it. There really ain't nothing finer in the land.