Thursday, October 30, 2008


NOTE: I realize we're in the middle of Florida Hate Week, but I still wanted to re-cap LSU for all of our friends.

New Orleans is the only city where it's okay to play a piano in the middle of the street.

Friday, C-Matt and I began our 10 day Tour de Gulf Coast 2008 journey by heading to Nawlins.

Streit, Bubba, BFR, and several other friends had left Thursday to begin the celebration of Melissa taking Streit off of our hands.

I've got to give props to Streit. He agreed to a road trip with seven assholes who were going to berate him the entire time and force him to imbibe massive amounts. He took his punishments well (I'm sure whooping LSU helped).

After arrivng Friday night, we immediately began conquering the french quarter and Bourbon Street, with C-Matt leading the charge with a hand grenade in each hand.

At one point, we did run into a gang of Bama fans and some Oklahoma State students. You'll run into just about anyone on Bourbon Street, including a clown that gives out change (I'm not joking).


Saturday morning our group of eight woke up and went to Harrah's to jump on a party bus to Baton Rouge.

Riding a bus with 60+ Dawgs, drinking some beers and not having to worry about driving sounds like an awesome enough of a time.

However, this bus ride was absolutely amazing. Vince Dooley, Larry Munson, and Pulpwood Smith were on our bus in the form of a very funny guy who does dead on impressions.

My life is better for having been on that bus. Not only was he dead on (especially with Dooley), he started telling some stories, embellishing them, and then just making up stuff that was absolutely hilarious.

My favorite line was at the end of Dooley talking about the 1980 national championship:

"Notre Dame's coach at the time was Dan Devine, and Dan and I spent a number of evenings together smoking crack cocaine."

We also took a back road to Baton Rouge that made me feel like I was driving to Auburn down Wire Road.

Mr. Bus Driver, there's no need to rush! I already have beverages here!


We arrived in Baton Rouge about 3 hours before game time. From the second we got off of the bus we heard, "TIGER BAIT! TIGER BAIT!" with fingers pointing at us. I must have heard it a minimum of 18,000 times.

Despite it getting old, I did like how the entire fan base was shouting it at every fan.

The biggest surprise were the fans. I've never had bad experiences with LSU fans, aside from their massive obnoxiousness.

Maybe we didn't get the full brunt because it wasn't a night game, but I have never been to a place with more generous fans. Within 5 minutes of walking off the bus, we were being offered free food, beer, shots, and games of beer pong.

At one tailgate, a group of LSU fans had a beer funnel with 8 hoses and insisted that every DAWG take a stab. Then, they proceed to hug all of us.

We also tailgated with some ladies of a different persuasion. They had an awesome spread of food, great shots, and they were professionals at beer pong.

We also saw confederate flags that were purple and gold. LSU fans will change anything and everything to purple and gold if you let them.

If we make everything purple and gold, we can say it is ours!



It did not seem that Death Valley was as loud as it was cracked up to be, except during the middle of the 3rd quarter. It could be because it was an afternoon game or it could be due to the fact that we were sitting in the upper deck. LSU's upper deck is not really directly connected to the rest of the stadium, so that might have been the problem.


After yelling Tiger Bait at LSU fans so that they could have a taste of their own medicine, we got back to the bus and headed to New Orleans. Pulpwood continued to entertain the entire bus and eventually it turned into a drunk gator bashing good time.

There's nothing like walking into a major opponents' stadium and just kicking their ass. This is especially true when you're celebrating on a bus that's driving to the debauchery capital of the USA.

Arriving in New Orleans, we took over Pat O'Brien's with the rest of the Dawg family until the late hours of the morning.

On Sunday, C-Matt and I stayed in New Orleans and ran into an old LSU fan at Preservation Hall. This awesome guy proceeded to tell us that his son was a "typical gator." We met his son later, and he indeed was a typical gator. He also said his daughter was worthless because she went to Florida State. This guy ruled. I love cajuns.

C-Matt and I left New Orleans mid-afternoon on Monday and stopped in Gainesville to tell them how much they suck.

We've been in Florida all week helping to destroy the Jean Short Nation.

See you in Jaaksawnville!

Hate Orange. Hate Blue. Hate Florida.


Bulldawg_Fan said...

Great time meeting you guys on the bus. I had to check out your blog. I don't think I can charge Coach Dooley or Pulpwood if we take another bus trip.

BulldawgJosh said...

Hell, I'll pay for him to just make sure he is on the bus!

Mackalicious said...

That wouldn't happen to be Rothschild would it?