Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dawgs From France In Jax

You think you're a Georgia fan? Did you fly all the way from France for this game?

Last year, we had the pleasure to become friends with two guys from France named Ben (pictured above on the right) and Flo (left), who were spending the year studying (beer) at UGA.

Ben and Flo tailgated with us at every home game last year and became huge fans of the Georgia Bulldogs. They were pretty bummed that they missed the victory in Jacksonville last year.

So, this year they decided to fly all the way back and come to the Florida game and learn in person how much Florida sucks.

Ben is actually going to be starting an internship at Coke, but decided to fly in a few weeks early to come to the game.

Flo has spent the entire year since the last game in Jax talking about wanting to come. He finally decided to come to the game and just make a week long vacation out of it.

Ben and Flo are badasses for flying all the way from another continent for this game and are showing one hell of a commitment to being Georgia Bulldogs.

If you run into us in Jax, give these two Frenchies a beer! Ladies, they do offer French lessons!

Hate Orange. Hate Blue. Hate Florida.


A Free Man said...

Hi from a Dawg in Oz. Didn't make it back this year, but maybe next.

Go Dawgs!

Mackalicious said...

I take back every bad thing I ever said about France. Go Dawgs!

The Louvre ain't got nothin' on Sanford Stadium in the Fall!