Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Garbage


Knowshon puts Mao to shame. Communism loses, again.


The greatest team ever to exist in the first week of college football didn't score an offensive touchdown until the third quarter. It's okay though, they were playing the mighty powerhouse of Tulane. Oh, wait...


Ohio State went from 15 first place votes in last week's AP Poll and 10 first place votes in the USA Today/Coaches Poll, to receiving only 1 first place vote in each poll. This is probably deserved. Almost getting beat by the Bobcats will do that to you.

Last week, we had 20 first place votes in each poll while being knocked down to number 2. This week, we gained 3 more first place votes in the AP Poll, along with USC, Flori-duh and Mizzou benefiting from Ohio State's display of Big 11 dominance.

However, we actually lost 2 first place votes in the Coaches Poll. WTF? What more do we need to do? USC gained 11 more first place votes, and Oklahoma received 1 additional first place vote.

We either lost one vote to Oklahoma and one to USC, or both to USC (LSU, despite not playing, also lost a first place vote). So, we beat Central Michigan 56-17 and we lose at least 1 vote to a team that didn't play.

Well, there's only one explanation for this, and that's ESPN. ESPN did not show the GREAT LEAP FORWARD by Knowshon. Had they showed that, we would have received all first place votes and taken the national championship from Bama.


Please be aware, if you ever pull that garbage again, rather than just running out the clock with less than a minute left in the game, you will end up with players with broken appendages. Potential nfl careers will be jeopardized for your arrogance. The truly sad part is, you wouldn't care. Its sad when MIAMI has more integrity and character than you.


Pac-10 refs have made an unprecedented move after this weekend of college football. Instead of screwing over teams from other conferences, they are now screwing over their own. Ty Willingham is the first beneficiary of this policy, as if he didn't need anything else going against him.


Just pitchin' and ketchin'. Well, that didn't work this time HBC! Your ass has now lost 2 in a row to your former beating horse. Please rank the Dores while it is still possible! Moronic pollsters ranked South Cacalacky after their win over NC State (because they obviously didn't watch the game, no surprise there).


Free Shoes University made their comeback, although to far less fanfare than Bama, against that other powerhouse in the tobacco state, Western Carolina. Wait, who? Oh, that team we also crushed last year. Well, let's wait until next week when they will demolish...UT-Chattanooga. Oh. Well, what's after that? Wake Forest?! Oh, They'll get their ass kicked that game. Nevermind. Continued mediocrity for the forseeable future.

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