Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Almost Famous

With Georgia’s SEC schedule kicking into full gear this week with the Dawgs’ trip to Columbia, B’NE would like to remind all Dawg fans of what could be a great season for the roadtrippers. For example, most of the B’NE “staff” (I use that term loosely) is making the trip late this week to BFR’s lake house between Atlanta and Columbia for a little debauchery. Then, half the group is continuing the trip onto Columbia Saturday morning to tailgate in the Fairgrounds, aka the Armpits.

South Carolina, Arizona State, LSU, Jacksonville and more....

A normal fan of a normal BCS school (say…Michigan State, for example) might say that a trip to someone’s lake house is the best trip of the season. But for Dawg fans in 2008, a trip to a lake house might turn out to be the fourth or fifth best trip of a season that includes Arizona State, LSU, Jacksonville, Kentucky and possibly Miami (no one includes Auburn).

Sorry, Big 10 fans, Splinter says you'll still have to dress up as Donatello to stay warm. No road trips for you. Really, how many Michigan State fans made the trip to Cal...

After a win over the Cocks, the group will return home to Atlanta on Sunday, only to find some of the group hoping a plane next Tuesday night for Las Vegas before driving through the desert to Tempe next Friday in two SUVs (one red, one black).

Dad always told me to save my vacation days for the fall…the summer’s overrated when you can work on your tan in Miami in January.

And after the Arizona State trip, its Streit’s bachelor party in New Orleans before heading to Baton Rouge.

Yes, ladies, this man will be off the market in two short months...we can't believe it either.


Streit said...

Thanks...I am a fine catch if I do say so myself.

BFR said...

Third or fourth best trip?!? Vegas will be a blast, Streit's bachelor party will be fun, but give the lake its due respect!