Thursday, September 11, 2008

UGA Preview: ACC Edition

Well, as the Dawgs roll into ACC country, er, Williams-Brice Stadium this Saturday, it’s not like they’ll be facing some mighty team or anything (Wow, Vandy has a winning streak going against the Cocks, something the Dawgs can’t claim)…

Really? What kind of respectable SEC team has this kind of artwork? I guess being a charter member of the ACC is never too far away from your heart...

The Head Ball Coach has announced that he will play both Chris Smelley and Tommy Beecher against the Dawgs on Saturday. No surprise here…it’s the HBC…and both Smelley and Beecher have been suspect in the first two Cackalacky games. Don’t be surprised to see three quarterbacks play, including some designated plays for Stephen Garcia. There’s no Danny Wuerffel in the group or Terry Dean for that matter.
Stephen Garcia's entire college future rode on this very putt.

Kenny McKinley’s injury looms large for South Carolina. Wide receivers are important in HBC’s offense, especially when he doesn’t have many. McKinley is one of the best wide receivers in the SEC. He might go, but will be extremely limited if he does. Watch out for Jared Cook (#84). He’ll be the Cocks leading target (I won’t make the joke) even if McKinley plays banged up. HBC likes to move him around the field, lining up in the slot as well as outside. Cook caught 8 passes for 111 yards against Vandy.

There's something she likes about Jared Cook.
South Carolina’s defense has been a strength against the Dawgs for a long time. It completely fell apart last season after the loss of LB Jasper Brinkley to injury. They couldn’t stop the run and Darren McFadden is still dreaming of playing their defense again. However, because South Carolina plays Georgia so early in the season, injuries and depth issues usually aren’t as big of a concern for the Cocks as they are later in the year (when they face Florida and Tennessee).

However, against the Dawgs last year, South Carolina’s defense was dominant, holding the Dawgs to 4 field goals. Jasper Brinkley (the thinner version) had a great day in Athens. It was the first and last time I’ve seen Mike Bobo forget about his game plan. The Dawgs threw the ball 44 times on a day when Knowshon Moreno had over 100 yards on just 14 carries. Ever since that day, Coach Bobo has stuck with his game plan, even when losing the game. Look for the Dawgs to stick to their guns in Columbia on Saturday.

Don't forget, Dawg fans, never forget
The Cocks have many good players on defense that can keep their team in games, but too many of them are playing out of position this year, including a bulked up Jasper Brinkley. Eric Norwood, a converted defensive end playing both linebacker and defensive end this year, is another example of the Cocks trying to get many of their best players on the field at the same time. This has created heavier linebackers at South Carolina, which usually results in slower linebackers. Look for Knowshon to have a field day.

Many Dawg teams have struggled in Columbia, but don’t look for this one to. The Cocks are a bit down on themselves after the Vandy loss, and the Dawgs couldn’t be riding any higher coming into town. Revenge will be on the Dawgs' minds. Let’s hope it gets ugly in Columbia. I think it will.
Prediction: Georgia 38, South Carolina 13
Let's end with an old school pic...

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